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Sacramento Dog Training in Sacramento and Roseville is a business with offices in California. Sacramento Dog Training is the most well respected Sacramento dog training school in Sacramento and Roseville. VERY PROFESSIONAL AND EFFECTIVE – We looked at every dog trainer in Northern California and Dave stood out by far. Whether you have a cute little puppy and need basic obedience or an old aggressive dog, Superdog provides great value and excellent service. Everyone offers “Dog Training Sacramento” but they don’t have 1000?s of photos and videos of 100?s of dogs they trained like I do. You are definitely in the right place if you are looking for doggie boot camp, dog training boot camp, doggy boot camp, bootcamp dog training, board and train dog training, boot camp training for dogs, send away dog training, drop off dog training, puppy boot camp or dog boarding and training. Superdog puppy training and puppy training classes are excellent for the dog owner looking to train your puppy right from the start.
Superdog clients learn how to work with their dog using love, affection, respect and trust.  Our dog training is about building a better relationship between you and your dog. The first thing you need to do, whether your dog is aggressive or not, is to get your dog under control. Call Superdog for ADA SERVICE DOG training and for training emotional support and comfort dogs.
A SURE BET for those who need their dog trained right the first time, and don’t have time and money to burn. I am genuinely concerned and interested about my clients and them being successful dog owners. PRIVATE LESSONS work great and are effective 99% of the time.  Sometimes the level of training a dog needs surpasses what the owner is capable of achieving on their own and Board Training is a more appropriate option. Sometimes the level of training a dog needs surpasses what the owner is capable of achieving and “Board Training” is a more appropriate option.
FORMER POLICE CHIEF and K-9 HANDLER When our 11-year-old medical service dog died my wife and I were devastated.
We took our 3 VERY BAD, VERY LARGE dogs to Dave. We had adopted 2 of them when they were only 2 months old and the first dog when he was 1. Amazing!! We rescued a 4 year old Australian Shepherd in March of 2010 and within the first month of having him, he had several instances of agressive behavior toward other dogs. The kind of trainer that improves lives! Dave is an amazing dog trainer that has spent a lot of time and energy helping some of the toughest cases of rescue dogs around.
Dave has been fantastic with our dogs! We have had some serious problems and though we have only had a few lessons so far we have already seen diffrences in our dogs behaviors. When we rescued our border collie, Sam, from the County animal shelter, it was obvious that he was a very intelligent dog. Programs in San Antonio for dog aggression, dog barking, puppy training, dog hyperactivity, basic & advanced OFF-LEASH obedience training.
Our training approach allows us to take a dog through the various Stages of Training and provide our clients with an efficient and effective approach to dog training.
You and your dog will experience a San Antonio Dog Training program that is easy for you and fun for your dog! San Antonio Dog Training offers different types of training; Family Pet, ADA Service Dog, Behavioral Training, Aggression Training.
Superdog gets the most success by teaching you how to have the right kind of relationship with your dog!
San Antonio Dog Training  believes every dog and owner deserves a mutually beneficial relationship. Sometimes the level of training a dog needs surpasses what the owner is capable of achieving on their own and Board Training is a more appropriate option.
We understood clearly what our responsibilities were and we understood how David would help us achieve our objectives for our dog. Shop smart for aggressive dog training and know if your puppy's aggressiveness warrants a dog aggression expert rather than an obedience dog trainer. I am a retired law enforcement person who has been a police K-9 handler and have worked with hunting dogs all my life.
I took my dog to dave anyway as I had a hell of a time getting time off from work and since I had made the time I figured I may as well give this a go. We had no idea why they were so disobedient, but they were so bad that we had to walk them one at a time or one person per dog, and even then it was a struggle with 2 of them being well over 100 lbs and the small one being 90 lbs.
If anyone has adopted a rescue or worked with a rescue organization, they may be aware that rescue dogs can be tough to train and training is the one most important variables in a successful adoption to a forever home.
By taking your dog on off-site training trips we train your dog and modify problematic behaviors.
We offer group dog training classes, private obedience lessons and boarding school for on and off leash obedience, house training, puppy training and problem solving such as aggression, fearfulness, reactivity, unpredictability, and not listening without a leash. We work with all breeds of dogs, all behavior types (aggressive or submissive) and with every family who wants a well-mannered companion.
When David Baron founded San Antonio Dog Training in 1998, he started with the belief that anyone who is willing to invest in training deserves the best, most personalized training available. We often get referrals from other professional trainers for difficult dogs, or unusual cases. When major media outlets  need a dog training and behavior expert in San Antonio, they call Jan Echavarry and her Superdog trainers. Call Super Dog Training Sacramento and Roseville the OFF-LEASH OBEDIENCE EXPERTS for best service and value.

We really felt empowered that we were taught the skills necessary to feel confident enough to have our dog under control in any situation, even if he was not on a leash.
After only one lesson, we had a well behaved dog that was eager to learn and more importantly, owners who knew how to be the dog’s master. I have worked with rescued dogs for 5 years now and started my own non-profit rescue in June. All of our dogs have there own issues but the worst of it being all of our dogs continually picking on the chi-doxie. All programs teach you to get your dog to listen to you in your home and then progresses to out in public. Over the past 15+ years, San Antonio Dog Training has adapted and changed the way we train to keep our dog trainers up to date with the best training methods available. Animal and canine behavior experts from veterinary medical schools and at major universities like the University of Chicago, Duke, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, UC Davis, Tufts and Cornell recognize Jan Echavarry as a leading expert on dog training and canine behavior. We had seen multiple dog trainers, behaviorists and even a specialist at Cornell University.
Our dog has made steady progress and is becoming the obedient dog that we were hoping for at the outset of our relationship with David Baron and Superdog. When we got her from a breeder at 8 weeks old we had already watched dozens of dog training shows and read several books, we then immediately enrolled her in a clicker class and practiced every day. We also have two very high energy kids… together, we loved our dogs so much to the point that we allowed them equal status in our home and slowyly the dogs took over. Upon getting her home from the foster home I went to the internet and started looking for a dog trainer. I had no previous experience with dogs so was somewhat apprehensive and nervous to correct the dog’s bad behavior.
We knew that treat training was NOT an option, since it was behavior training our Maltese needed. We couldn’t be more pleased with the service and would recommend Superdog to anyone seeking dog training in Roseville for their dog. After trolling through several I was taken by Dave Baron’s video and photos of all the dogs getting along and walking together. Dave not only helps the troubled dogs as a volunteer gig but he encourages volunteers from the rescues to come and learn from him. We intervied numerous dog trainers in the area and felt David’s techniques and personality would work for us.
We discovered some medical issues with Maggie and I was not optimistic about her outcome or success as a medical service dog. After an initial consult with the owners and their dogs to really map out what the problem areas are, we were outside practicing different commands. Now the two dogs who have been most aggressive with each other sleep on the same bed, eat togeather and play togeather. David’s technique is getting your dog to “respect you”, so they will listen to your commands. After 2 hours working with dave and learning how to get my dogs respect and attention I would swear its a different dog…and we are only at the first lesson. Dave demonstrates the command with the dog and then has the owners start doing it for themselves, showing exactly how to command the dogs attention. Dave’s techniques are straight forward and easy to adapt, but the owner must know that they are an active participant in making there dogs behave. After working with Dave, Rudy was sweet, well behaved and no longer dog or people aggressive.
He really knows his business and without being harsh he showed me how dogs act in the wild and in packs. After a few hours, not only was my dog responding perfectly, but I was a changed person in respect to how to handle my dog. I, at times, was often loud and more aggressive with my dog and Dave told me to tune it down and that my dog was just part of the family and just a pup.
But with patience and practice, we now have a dog that follows off-leash commands like a gentleman. Wilson went ballistic a couple times, but Dave is incredibly experienced and it was amazing how he handled a flat-out vicious dog. Everyone said Wilson could not be trained and that he needed to be destroyed-the veterinarian, three dog trainers, a behaviorist, and Animal Control. I could see that his method not only worked wonders its nothing in comparison to how dogs behave with each other. I took her out every day for multiple walks and training exercises and we drilled and drilled. We had no idea why they were so disobedient, but they were so bad that we had to walk them one at a time or one person per dog, and even then it was a struggle with 2 of them being well over 100lbs and the small one being 90 lbs.
Sam is pleasant and playful when surrounded by people and dogs at the dog park, something that we thought would never happen. Maxx is still the same fun loving crazy dog he was before with one major change, he listens to me.
This I found to be Shepherd in March of 2010 and within the first month of having him, he had several instances of agressive behavior toward other dogs.
David not only trained Max and exterminated his food aggression, but found Max an Dave is an amazing dog trainer that has spent a lot of time and energy helping some of the toughest cases of rescue dogs around. We hope to soon have all our dogs togeather and we know we will have Dave to thank for this success.

He will stay with the training till that days our trainer for our two Long Hair Dachshunds. Our dogs now walk behind or beside us with only their normal collar (no more fancy leaders or expensive workarounds that only make the problem worse) AND our dogs will now walk behind us or beside us OFF OF THE LEASH!!!
He was doing an impressive half hour “Down Stay” at the dog park with 8-10 other dogs running around, people calling him by his name, and petting him too! It has been over four years now since we first came to see Dave and Wilson is a normal dog in every way now. If it was not for Dave, Wilson would be dead.
We can command our dogs to stay on their outdoor mat when we are camping and they will not move from it because we told them not to. David has gone out of his way to come to our home and meet at the dog park to accomplish our training goals. David’s style of training is very concise, requires practice, and delivers results immediately. The secret to Dave’s success with us and our dogs is that we had to be willing to listen and trust him and do EXACTLY as he instructed. Our third session focused on working Nellie (and us) with other dogs who possibly could pull Nellie off command. Dave really emphasized gaining trust from the dog and once the dog realized we were in control of the situation, he calmed down and responded enthusiastically to the training. Most importantly we feel David will stick with you and your dog training till all goals are met.
Yesterday, when walking her, I passed 4 yapping, feisty small dogs, and as we passed the leash did not become taut once and she continued to heel. We continue to work with our dogs to this day and are now teaching our dogs to find each member of the family by name and scent using only the obedience techniques that Dave taught us. What’s really nice is he has lots of land around his house, providing ample space to work with the dogs.
The reward pays off in many ways, especially when other people tell us they wish their dog was like Sam!
If you want to learn how you can teach your dogs to be obedient and at the same time learn how to train all of your future dogs – hire Dave and begin to really enjoy your dogs. Everyone who knew how they were before now is also shocked at how well behaved they are, Dave really worked a miracle with his common sense training techniques. You can stop at obedience or you can go the extra mile like we did – once you hire Dave, the sky’s the limit and your dogs can become more apart of the family than you ever imagined!!!
We have seen our newly adopted dog, with a lot of potential but some bad behaviors, become a well-behaved companion.
At 2 of our visits, there was a different visiting trainer from another state learning how to train dogs from Dave. What’s also great about Dave is the freedom we had with with how we wanted to handle further training. We felt that we received our monies worth of training and life time knowledge of how to train dogs.
For us, that interaction reinforced in our mind Dave’s stature in the dog training community and also showed us his openness to new ideas and approaches. Dave not only returned all our calls, but he initiated calls checking on our progress.
You can go to his house, he will come to your house, he will meet you at a dog park, he will even board your dog for one on one training with him for however long the training takes.
This last weekend Missy was invited to Tahoe for the weekend with a family who to this point did not like dogs.
David not only trained Max and exterminated his food aggression, but found Max an amazing home with a dog trainer that came to train with Dave.
The second and third lesson involved Dave using his dogs to familiarize our Aussie with other dogs, as well as furthering his repertoire of commands. He has also rescued and taken in dogs that he’s called his own, that otherwise would be put down due to aggressive behavior. Dave has trained dogs that no one was sure could have a different life and he has worked on training people so that more dogs can have loving forever homes. Not only was I a past client, but was so impressed with the program that I started to work for Dave Baron as a dog trainer. The end result, at least for us, has been a perfectly behaved, extremely happy, well trained dog and very confident enthusiastic owners. Dave opens his heart to his clients and is not in dog training for any other reason than he genuinely wants to help people and their dogs, but mostly, he wants to help dogs find balance, peace and stay in their happy homes. At the time, we owned (and still have) a purebred, female Alaskan Malamute and as dog owners everywhere know this bred is very difficult to train.
We have since rescued a second Aussie, and for no further charge to us, Dave has been happy to have us bring both dogs over for training. After one private training class and another at a major brand pet chain, we were becoming desperate to get our girl in control, obedient and to stop terrorizing our cats. It took Dave and his assistant trainer just three weeks to get our girl under control and to become a more loving dog.

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