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DogTime reported on fake service dogs a year ago, as some humans in New York used service animal vests at stores to avoid leaving their dogs tied up on the street. When a friend was looking for a dog-friendly property rental, she, as so many people do, was having a hard time. It’s true service dogs are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and may live with their owners in homes where “pets” are not allowed, but not all dogs in vests are created equally.
Service Animals: These animals have been specially trained to perform tasks that their owner could not sufficiently perform on their own.

Whether a pet, a therapy animal, an emotional support animal, or a service animal, businesses have the right to expect the animal to be restrained (typically leashed except in cases where the disability prevents this) and not pose a threat to health or safety to other patrons. Going to social media, she posted what she was looking for, along with a photo of her sweet senior mixed-breed dog, and a random stranger made a suggestion that seemed all too simple: “Just buy him a vest and tell people he is a service dog.
The consequences are not just limited to a hostess asking your bouncy dog to stop putting his paws on someone else’s table. You and your dog’s actions, no matter how benign, will have impact on the people around you, and one misstep can cause people to believe that all service dogs are just over-glorified pets.

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