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We offer a variety of services, each tailored to fit the individual personality of your dog. Jennifer Arnold, founder of Canine Assistants, discusses her teaching methods and the life-changing impact these dogs have on the recipients and their families. You’ll also follow the families home and watch their relationships with their dogs unfold.
Our training videos cost less than emergency room visit and are helping people across the globe train their dogs to alert to blood sugar changes.
Your videos are taught by a certified trainer with 5000 hours of experience and over 100 diabetic alert dogs across the world.

Your trainer has been in your shoes and understands the unique challenges that come with training your own dog for diabetic alert. Media outlets across the world recognize Mary McNeight as one of only a handful of reputable diabetic alert dog trainers on the planet. Get to know the truth about Diabetic Alert Dogs and training them in this free webinar class attended by dog trainers and prospective medical alert dog training students all across the US, Canada and even India! Diabetic Alert Dog Training Made Convenient and EasyDiabetic Alert Dog University was started in 2011 after students from across the globe contacted head trainer Mary McNeight about training their own diabetic alert dogs. Donate To Support The Program That Saves Lives Hundreds Of Times Per DayMary McNeight and Service Dog Academy have been pillars of justice, advocacy and education in the medical alert dog community.

The documentary follows a handful of people as they journey through the heartwarming and often challenging process of receiving their service dogs.
She gives us a glimpse of puppy-rearing and training, and takes us inside the intense and sometimes nerve-wracking experience of matching people with their dogs.

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