Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

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More than half of my clients bring dogs into their lives from shelters or other situations in which the dog’s history is unclear.  And a fairly large percentage of those have some sort of behavioral issue, such as fear-based aggression, barrier frustration (on leash or behind doors or gates) or, the subject of today’s post, separation anxiety. However, just because after you leave for work your dog tears up furniture, soils the carpet, or barks all day, it does not automatically mean he’s suffering from separation anxiety; he could just be bored out of his mind or under-exercised. This entry was posted in Dog Training and tagged dog behavior, dog separation anxiety, dog training, separation anxiety. My dog has separation anxiety and only shows this behavior when I am the person leaving her. My husband and I have a pup, who shows real signs of separation anxiety and appears to be a clingy puppy.

I ended up using a bark collar on my dog in a crate to teach her to be quiet, I have found that vocalizing seems to build the stressed behavior that goes along with separation anxiety. The problem I have been having with him is I think he may have a bit of a separation anxiety issue. Below is an outline of our top tips to help you if your pet is suffering from separation anxiety. Excessive attention before departure and upon return from the owner can, unwittingly, increase the dog’s anxiety during separation.
Items such as keys, jackets, shoes or handbags can often start the onset of anxiety before you’ve even left the house!

Your dog should only be left alone for very short intervals at first (literally seconds to start with, then build this up to minutes) to ensure your return before the onset of anxiety.

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