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MORE information will be released soon explaining the registration process for Jack Russell. The club’s aims are to protect the breed as a ‘true working terrier and preserve the rights of the working terrier enthusiast to work the terrier in the traditional manner’. Jemima Harrison of Pedigree Dogs Exposed has launched a petition on her website saying that KC recognition of the breed has always been fiercely opposed by those in the UK who want to preserve the Jack Russell’s ‘robust good health, diversity and working ability’.

The Reverend John ‘Jack’ Russell, after whom the breed is named, was a fierce opponent of dog shows and did not register his own terriers, describing them as ‘differing from the present show dogs as the wild eglantine differs from a garden rose’.
At the weekend the Mail on Sunday took up cudgels saying that fans of the Jack Russell were not happy, with many insisting it should remain a working dog used traditionally to catch rats and other vermin.
However, the KC said that many of the 26 recognised terrier breeds, like the Jack Russell are still used for working today.

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of GB is understood to be strongly opposed, and states as much in its rules and constitution.

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