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The Guardian Gear® Pink Mini Retractable Dog Lead is the safe and secure way to give small pets room to explore. Over the past 40 years, flexi retractable leashes have become a must-have item for pet owners around the world. The retractable lead features a 10-foot retractable nylon belt and a thumb-activated locking system. The patented one-hand braking and recoil system allows you to maintain full control of your dog during your walks together.

This innovative system is integrated into the leash's ergonomic handle so it's easy to adjust the leash to an appropriate length for your surroundings. All flexi retractable leashes come with a Safety Precautions & Directions pamphlet that describes how and when to use flexi retractable leashes properly. A safety collar is included with every package and it should be used while walking your dog on any flexi retractable leash.
All flexi retractable leashes are proudly handmade in Germany and are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

Please note that this warranty does not cover damage caused by dog chewing, rough surfaces or other misuse or abuse.

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