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News: research group Future Cities Catapult and tech company Microsoft have developed a headset that sends the wearer three-dimensional sound information in a push to make urban areas more navigable for blind people (+ movie).
Earlier today, the Cities Unlocked research project – set up by Future Cities Catapult, Microsoft and the Guide Dogs charity – released details about a smart headset that provides the wearer with information about their surrounding environment when paired with a smartphone. A user can programme their route into Microsoft's Bing maps and the headset will then offer them audio guidance. During development, Microsoft spent two years working with Guide Dogs to understand the needs of potential users of the device and trialling the headset with different users.

News: technology company Microsoft's research branch has combined projection mapping with motion sensors to turn enclosed spaces into immersive augmented experiences. Also we have been using S3o Instruments’ DIY code things with about fifteen dollars in parts.
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