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Colors: The yellow and turquoise crackle from this orange-lit collar reflects distinctive style for dogs with discriminating taste.
You can customize this collar exactly how you like it with a decoration, or your name and phone number hand embroidered on the collar! The awesome Murphy designer dog collar comes in 5 sizes and 2 widths to accommodate any size dog. The Murphy Dog Collar is not only very colorful, fashionable and stylish but also available in many sizes: extra small dog collars for extra small dogs, and up to extra large dog collars for big dogs. The crackle from this orange-lit collar reflects distinctive style for dogs with discriminating taste.

That’s why we hand-craft every collar we make so that we can guarantee you a beautiful work of art that is like no other designer dog collar out there. Regardless if you need a dog collar for a Rottweiler or a tiny dog collar for a Toy Poodle, Mimi Green can tailor a decorative collar to meet the unique needs of your puppy!
Designer Dog Collar Murphy: Like embers sizzling glow from a campfire, this Murphy Collar really sparks! Soft nylon tartan dog collars with heavy duty plastic push and click fastening and adjuster, with a black ‘D’ ring for the lead to attach to. When you seek comfort and class in the bold colors of fall, the Murphy Collar is where it’s at!

Getting a nice dog collar that reflects the unique personality of your pal has never been easier. Just tell us your dog's name at checkout and we’ll create a one-of-a-kind designer dog name collar for your pet pooch. Flower slide-on dog collar accessories, too!Available for these dog neck sizes: 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches, 10, inches, 11 inches, 12 inches, 13 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches, 16 inches, 17 inches, 18 inches, 19 inches, 20 inches, 21 inches, 22 inches, 23 inches, 14 inches, and 25 inches (XS, S, M, L, XL).

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