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Before dog food was available, we know that dogs ate table scraps and various "goodies" they could find around the farm. As we've said before when reviewing high quality pet food and treats, when we use the word "flavor" we don't mean it the same way that some of the lower quality pet food brands do when they use it. We tried this several different times and obviously used up all of the medallions, but the food didn't seem to absorb the water for us-even though we let it sit for 10 minutes or more.
The amazingly high quality of the ingredients in this food, combined with its relative ease of use (it takes very little effort to pour a bit of warm water of the medallions and let them sit for a few minutes while you humans attend to other things) makes them either a great food in itself or a topper for kibble.

If you haven't checked out Champion Pet Foods (the Canadian company who makes Orijen and Arcana pet foods) we highly recommend reading their wonderfully informative website and watching the video about their locally sourced ingredients and food processing plant. Most lower quality brand pet foods use the word "flavor" or "flavored" to mean an artificial additive that's made in a laboratory to taste something like real beef, for example.
So both Parental Unit and I give Orijen's new freeze-dried raw food for dogs a two thumbs and four paws up! Keep in mind that this is raw food that is freeze-dried for the convenience of you Parental Units.

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