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Personal protection puppy training
Positive reward based training for puppies 8-16 weeks of age, to produce informed, competent, caring owners with well mannered & well socialised puppies, good citizens on both ends of the lead. Owner Education (leadership, toilet training, play biting, enriching the puppy’s environment, health issues such as fleas, heartworm prevention, intestinal worming, grooming and much more). Many individuals assume that this is something most of these wonderful creatures are capable of doing naturally.However the truth is they need training in order for them to be to fetch.

Training your dog to bring back to you the ball once he gets hold of it can be such a daunting task.
Puppy School is a unique opportunity to introduce your puppy to a whole new world, ensuring they learn all the necessary skills to grow into a balanced and fulfilled adult dog.
Dog training requires patience and several other skills all of which can be learned and mastered pretty well.

Jean is an established and experienced dog and puppy trainer who would love to teach your dog some new tricks!

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