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For many, they begin training their puppy on leash and this becomes a ‘crutch’ and sometimes a physical prompt for the dog to perform behaviours.  A good puppy class starts off leash, so reliability off leash is taught from the outset. With an older dog, he advises to start off leash control in a small room of the house (like the bathroom), and gradually increase the area and the level of distraction. The fundamental piece of all dog training is to teach a dog to want to be close to you.  This can only be taught off leash. Open field following: The rules to this game is “whatever your dog does, do the opposite” and “keep moving away from your dog, fast”.
This entry was posted in Dog Training and tagged distance, distance behaviours, distant, dog, dog training, dogs, dunbar, follow, following, ian dunbar, off leash, offleash, recall. I’m actually one of those people who have a hard time trusting my dog to walk off leash. I find it quite funny that owners struggle so much with off leash training.I havent seen my leash in about 3 months and havent missed it yet. Teaching Stay At The Door: After teaching your puppy to sit, you can now start teaching your puppy to stay. With patience, consistency and fun, you will have a puppy who is far more interested in being with you than running off to explore on his own. To learn door manners your dog will need to already know how to sit when you ask him and he should know the stay command. Sometime when you are trying to get your puppy to come and they are excited about being free, they may think you are playing a game and run away from you, you know, the little but scoot run that they do in circles.

Maybe I am just confused, but it sounds like he is saying a dog shouldn’t be walked on a leash until the handler has perfected off-leash reliability. This foundation work with your puppy is the ounce of prevention you need to set the stage for an adult dog who would rather stay with you than run away. It’s just not practical, unless you have off leash puppy classes, and assuming you get your dog as a puppy. Greeting your dog and positive interactions outside of training are build tools for off lead training. This usually occurs when you open the door for some reason and your dog seizes the opportunity to take off.
In the absence of leadership the dog becomes the leader and the behavior issues are no less than power struggles. I feel sorry for the dogs who have never been off the leash its sad that they arent alowed an ounce of freedom.
A great way to engage with your puppy is to toss a toy away from you and then, as soon as he gets it, run away from him.
Do not leave him off leash or unattended in a yard where, if he gets scared, he can run away. Her major goal is that her puppy will grow into an adult who will come when called and will be able to hike off leash in her woods.
As soon as his head turns, using a clicker (a simple noisemaker that I use to mark the moment the puppy does the right thing) I click once and give the puppy a piece of food.

I use the dog park as a distraction training environment however; I keep my dog on a long lead 30’ lead the entire time that we are at the park. If he gets distracted, I do not repeat the cue but instead clap my hands or pat my leg and coax the puppy back to me. They know never to step off the curb without permission, they know to stay in the grass and off the street.
Off lead training is designed for in the house use and training and is expanded to hunting or open rural property areas not urban areas.
Off lead training when reinforced in the house and supported in public with a lead produces measurable positive results. You will need to practice in an enclosed area, especially when you start practicing off-lead. Walking away from a dog that is not following commands (not engaged in destructive behavior) is a good non- verbal technique (if basic commands are solid) to use in conjunction with praise.
To prepare your dog for off lead training begin with coming into rooms that your dog already occupy and when you arrive home and always give your dog a great greeting beginning with the dogs name. The rest of it will just fall into placeI find it quite funny that owners struggle so much with off leash training.I havent seen my leash in about 3 months and havent missed it yet.

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