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Australian Shepherd Puppy Running Away From Home Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. So yeah, I made the squad my sophomore year because everyone else moved away or graduated I upped my awesome. As long as we realize our mistakes and try to learn from them, just like we ask our kids to do, we are doing a good job. As totally sad as it is that the little dude wants to run away from home, this is pretty dang funny!

I kept a bag packed in my closet from age 7 on in the event I needed to runaway in a hurry.
Watch as a little puppy continues to leave his home to go see a very special friend: a horse. When I was five, I wanted to run away, but my mom made me wait for her to pack a lunch to take along with me.
So now when he tells me something, like he put away his toys, on his closet, I don’t believe him.

Clearly, the horse feels the same bond and runs after the car as his little puppy friend is looking out the back window, not wanting to leave and never wanting to say goodbye.

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