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Training School LocationsdogLOGIC runs puppy pre-schools and adult dog classes all around Sydney, at various times and says so there is one nearby and at a time to suit you.
Our training is based on rewarding the desired behaviour and motivating your dog so that he will enjoy the training sessions. Reward-based training has been used with great success for many years when managing and training wild or exotic animals, but has only recently been applied to dog training. We can show you a variety of simple training methods that will have you achieving your training goals effectively and fast!
We can teach you behavioural Strategies through either a Private Consult or one of our Training Schools.
Behavioural training teaches your dog how to act and behave in an appropriate manner within the family unit. Alpha Dog Training evening classes have been cancelled as it will be too hot for our dogs to train.

Take your time and thoroughly explore what our dog training business has to offer you and see why so many vets, dog groomers and other industry professionals from all over Melbourne are referring dog owners to Alpha Dog Training. Above: Revolutionising the way effective obedience, good behaviour and canine behavioural rehabilitation is taught to owners and their dogs under realistic distraction and in group training scenarios!
At Alpha Dog Training we are extremely proud of our flexible, value for money service that when put into total perspective of exactly what you are getting in your membership, just can't be matched anywhere else. There are so many exciting aspects to our Lifestyle Canine Communication System, but what really stands out is how we are able to include effective, reward based obedience training (to advanced "off-lead" levels), socialisation and distraction training and access to effective behavioural modification advice as part of every - single - training - session. These training "essentials" are not added extras and they are in no way the limit of our service. If you do actually decide to join Alpha Dog Training, substantial discounts are available for joining at the end of your first FREE session! There is just so much to show and tell you about Alpha Dog Training, so cruise around the website and learn more about our services.

Reward-based training has been used with great success for many years, but has only recently been applied to dog training. Also a motivated, stimulated dog is likely to be a happier dog who is eager to learn and who will enjoy training because it invigorates his mind. Alpha Dog Training has both and can show positive results such as those seen on this video at any time - we do this week in, week out.
Training should never be frustrating or a chore – it should ALWAYS be fun for both you and your dog.

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