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The couple is also asking readers to sign a petition that requires Petco trainers to be certified in pet first aid and CPR.
The facts are that Michele Moccia and Michael DiMaggio took their dog, Sophia Belle, to a puppy class at their local Petco and came home without her that evening, because she died during the class.
The owners state that the trainer at the Petco class had their dog’s leash in her hand, and as Michael came into the classroom, Sophia Belle barked in greeting. The couple also reports that Petco told them they would pay for the vet bills, but they have not done so. I also know from my background in crises communications and public relations that Petco is being a giant bonehead and making a bad situation much worse.
Well, a group course is usually more for someone who is looking to get the socialization out of the class as well.

The owners are sure one thing happened to their beloved pet, and Petco wants you to believe another thing.
Know that you have to stand up for your pet, because he has no voice and cannot do it for himself.
That will be once a week and you'll be with three or four other dogs in the class most likely.
Either way, there is a dead dog, and she died while participating in a class at a large corporation that makes its money from pets. That puts the onus on you, the owner, to know everything you can about a trainer and that trainer’s skills and training philosophy before you entrust your pet to them. Never let anyone -– not a vet, not a trainer, not your Uncle Pete, not your spouse or your child –- physically harm your dog.

It needs to be looked into, so I decided to see what I could learn about it myself, especially because I am a dog trainer and the event happened during a training class.
They need to only permit flat collars or, better yet, harnesses on the dogs in their classes. We have to all learn how to be guides and coaches for our beloved pets and walk away from outdated “training” that does nothing but scare or hurt our dog friends.

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