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Incidentally, I was wondering if her crate was too large for her current size and maybe that was contributing to the problem; there's room enough for two of her to curl up side-by-side inside, albeit snugly. I’ll spare you the details of my early morning clean-up, other than to say that Mischief spent the rest of the night in a crate and that I left a window cracked for a couple hours, heating bills be damned.
The technical term for poop-eating behavior is coprophagia, and disgusting as it is to us, it is a normal behavior for dogs. Since there were still likely to be some poop hidden under the fresh snow, I also needed a way to prevent Mischief from gobbling up anything new she found.
Since my goal is for her to be responsible without my help, I jackpot her with several pieces of this food and lots of praise any time she chooses to pass a pile of poop without my prompting. If you need little extra help solving a tough poop-eating problem with your dog, don’t be afraid to call in an expert.
Both of us have had dogs in the family growing up, but this is the first time venturing out with a new puppy of our own. Specifically, when we get up in the morning we find that she's pooped in her crate, and then eaten it. This means that if your dog eats poop and you want them to stop, preventing them from “practicing” that poop-eating behavior is of vital importance.

While there are several food additives on the market that claim to make the dog’s poop unappetizing, these options were not available to me due to Layla’s severe allergies.
We don't want to condition her that whining will get her out of her crate, so we don't know what to do.
Then there's the challenge of trying to balance having her settle down and get used to us not coming down in the night, with making sure she doesn't soil her crate.
If your dog has allergies, as one of mine does, the undigested remnants of allergens in the poop of animals fed certain diets can trigger an allergic reaction. She has a crate which she recognizes it as "her space" and will take toys in there to lie down and chew on. For logistical reasons the crate has to be in the living room, but after the first week or so of crying she's settling in to spending the night there with minimum fuss. Dogs like poop, and their digestive systems are designed in such a way that they can often gain nutrition from the waste products of other animals. Young puppies, for example, have developing immune systems, and may be more susceptible to bad stool; especially if they have not been fully vaccinated. If we keep things clean, there will be less chance for him to engage in opportunistic poop eating.During retraining, it is also important to supervise our dog closely, so that he does not practice any bad behavior on his own.

In addition, I quickly march my dog home and end the walk, if he manages to sneak in some poop eating. Take Our PollAdding meat tenderizer containing papain, in small quantities to our dog’s food, will sometimes prevent poop eating. My dogs explain why they get anxious when I leave them alone at unexpected times, and why the vengeance poop is not a pay-back at all, but rather a symptom of anxiety.
In this way, my dog learns that if he eats poop, we walk home right away and his fun walk ends.I talk more about this in the article above.
In addition, eating poop and having poop everywhere can also be a result of stress and anxiety, for example from being alone. She is very active dog, we are spending a lot of time together and when we are in a separate room she starts to eat her poop.
In this way, his poop schedule is also more regular and I can clean up after him right after he poops.During the potty training period, I also make sure to supervise my puppy all the time.

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