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Dog pineapple core,how to train puppy to lay down,how to stop dogs running away on walks,pitbull dog attack images - . On the subject of digestion – another very handy aspect of pineapple in a dogs diet is the fact it contains bromelain.
Another theory as to why dogs should eat pineapple to stop them eating their own feces, is due to the fact it plainly makes it taste bad.
Another option worth considering if your dog is eating it’s own poop is to use Coprophagia Deterrent Soft Chews.
Obviously you should remove the skin of the pineapple and cut the pineapple into small pieces. You luring it into place, it has moved corrected as quickly as possible to minimize the risk class, brief puppy. Poop eating, commonly referred to as Copraphagia is a nasty habit that is usually learned and is not actually a medical problem.

Like human babies, puppies experience the world by putting everything in their mouths out of curiosity. When caught in the act of poop eating, many dog owners react badly and get very upset, punishing the dog. Punishing your dog for pooping in the crate or in other areas will only encourage them to eat it so as to hide the evidence.
Tip: In a female with puppies, this instinct will go away when the puppies are house broken. Your dog may not be getting a proper nutritionally balanced diet or they are eating poor quality food. If you try all these suggestions and you are still having a problem with your dog making a treat out of their poop, try adding fresh pineapple to their diet.
If you have any comments on your own experiences with feeding your dog pineapple please leave them below.

Below you will find the top reasons why your dog eats poop and how you can cut down on their appetite for this nasty treat! Punishment or excessive attention to poop eating will only reinforce this negative behavior.
Taking time to pick up the poop is a good idea, just make sure your puppy isn’t watching. If your dog regularly eats poop, they can pick up parasites also, so cleaning their area regularly will help prevent this issue. Also a female with puppies will eat their poop to keep the nest from attracting predators by the smell.

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