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Food or Medical:  Nutritional deficiency is commonly believed to be one of the main  reasons for poo eating, so it is important to rule this out first.
Poor quality food could also be an issue if you feed Kibble (dry food) make sure it is of a high quality and not full of additives preservatives, colourants, and ethoxyquins. It has also been suggested that eating faeces could be an aid in food digestion, in other words a probiotic which encourages healthy flora in the gut.
Maternal behaviour: A bitch with puppies has to stimulate the pups to toilet in the first 3 or 4 weeks.

I think the most likely reason is that some dogs do not completely digest their food and there is some nutritional value (especially in puppy foods when this is often learned) remaining in the waste product. Or using food as a lure though in some cases the dog may combine the lure and praise as something it gets when eating faeces. A cat has died in Germany from eating an infected bird; therefore this virus has shown it can cross the species. Obviously this would be for dogs that were eating their own faeces, or the faeces of another dog in the same household.

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