Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

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When I say “very young,” I mean that I suspected that they had just picked up their new Lab puppy within the last few days even before they told me. Her new guardians were carrying her in their arms and everyone was touching, petting and leaning in at the puppy, whose eyes were wide until she was so tuckered out that they closed for an involuntary nap.
It breaks my heart to see a puppies dealing with such situations during the first few days or weeks in a new home because I know the guardians think they are doing right by their dogs. For dogs, socialization requires providing puppies positive experiences with people in the first few months of life.
There was also one very young puppy being carried through the crowd becoming more and more exhausted and increasingly overwhelmed.

She seemed like a stable enough puppy and never looked downright fearful, but she did look overwhelmed. Everybody knows you have to socialize your puppy and get her to meet new people, but many people think that having a puppy around large numbers of people is the right way to do it. Socialization is the exposure to potential social partners during the early part of dogs’ lives, and typically occurs when puppies are three to 16 weeks old. That’s no surprise really—she was in a big crowd with too many people getting too close to her, and many people were hugging her guardian so that she got wrapped up awkwardly in the squeeze. That’s why bringing a puppy to a large crowded place the day after being adopted is potentially damaging and not recommended.

You know what I mean—it looked as though if you blew up that skin like a beach ball, there would be room for at least one and maybe two additional puppies in there with her.
Exposure to people and other dogs that results in positive experiences for the puppy provides proper socialization.

How to treat a dog for separation anxiety
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