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Personal protection puppy training
We send pups to Newark, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Providence, Charlotte, Raleigh, Fort Lauderdale, Baltimore, Washington DC, Boston and many more US cities.
I have been breeding cockapoo puppies ever since, holding back only the best tempered dogs for breeding. This is the perfect time to do the right thing for your new pup and order on the auto shipping program.

I am my own webmaster, so when one of these cute cockapoo puppies for sale becomes sold, I mark it sold right away.
Male schnoodle puppy for sale #12 DOB 4-14-13, Discounted shipping to New Jersey, Maryland and many More states!
I have been a professional private schnoodle breeder ever since, holding back only the best tempered schnauzers for breeding.

Most teddy bear puppies for sale in MD will cost you more then our price with shipping included.

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