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Your Sitdropstay Dog Training  consultants in Melbourne are Brett Males and Anna Hopkins. Both were carefully selected and are privately trained to meet our strict standards of expertise. I’m very proud to be part of the SitDropStay family and look forward to helping you in the your search for a more natural, balanced and rewarding relationship between you and your dog.
I would like you to pass on to Brett a very big THANK YOU to him for saving our sanity after he had spent two hours with me, John and our dog Jamie.
I have seen people prisoners to their dog’s behaviour, and I have seen SitDropStay completely resolve this.
Sitdropstay Dog Training Melbourne offers services throughout Melbourne including Mornington Peninsula and Geelong. Answers to frequently asked questions about our service, dog behaviour training, payment and what you can expect to achieve.
Off Leash K9 Training of Melbourne Florida is Your Space Coast Dog Trainers specialize in off leash obedience training and behavior modification.
Off-Leash K9 Training (OLK9) is an off leash dog training business originally founded by Nick White, and is based in Northern Virginia; however, we have many locations throughout the United States. OLK9 is composed of off leash dog trainers with experience and training ranging from the US Military, DOD, US Secret Service, and Private Sector.
The system and techniques offered will work for any dog, regardless of age, size, or breed. Nick furthered his passion for working with dogs after enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. Hanrob Dog Training Academy, has been providing dog obedience and detector dog training services in Sydney, Melbourne and Internationally since 1990. If you are passionate about becoming a professional dog trainer and having a career in this industry, then our nationally recognised ACM40310 Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services course is for you!
This 7 month* course will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to be a master in dog training. These include professional jobs in zoos, careers at Hanrob Pet Hotels and starting their own pet care and training businesses. The theoretical component is essential in gaining a solid foundation behind dog psychology, behaviour modification, dog training principles and canine care.
Our trainers have 50+ years combined experience and have trained dogs for various applications across private, corporate, domestic and international government sectors. You will gain access to multiple training applications and training tools from obedience training to detector dogs. Passionate Instructors with combined 50+ years of teaching experience and are active professionals in their fields with the latest knowledge in dog training principles. Exceptional Teaching Quality - We have officially trained dogs in the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service.

We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), so you can expect only the highest quality teaching in accordance to the Australian Quality Skills Framework. I have always had dogs as pets and during the odd period without a pet I always knew there was something missing.
By coming to your home and working directly with you and your dog I can teach you the techniques and explain the theory and methodology of the SitDropStay training system.
In return let me pass some of that knowledge and understanding on to you so you too can enjoy a more fulfilling and rewarding relationship with your dog. I could not believe the difference Brett made towards Jamie’s attitude and how we know have a different dog – a much calmer more relaxed dog. I want to prevent small, fixable issues becoming big problems and big problems becoming no problem – to keep dogs in their homes for their lifetime! Dogs should be considered as part of the family, but in order for the household to live happily and harmoniously we need to display confident leadership. I love what we do, and am so grateful to be able to help you find balance to really understand and enjoy your dog! Anna gave us the tools to work with to gain back control over our dogs and they responded so quickly. Melbourne Dog Trainers utilizes the same dog training techniques in use by the Secret Service, Police, and Military trainers around the world to train your family dog. Melbourne Dog Trainers guarantee that after just one lesson you will understand why Off-Leash K9 Training is considered one of the top dog training businesses in Melbourne Florida!
Check out the hundreds of videos on our YouTube Channel to see the amazing results we achieve with dogs every day! He immediately traveled to OLK9 headquarters in Northern Virginia and began working with some of the best dog trainers in the nation! Off Leash K9 Training Central Florida, LLC currently has 3 locations throughout Eastern Central Florida. We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO – 70236) delivering educational programs with nationally recognised qualifications.
Combining theory and plenty of hands-on training, you will be certified to conduct both one-on-one and group dog obedience and training classes for dogs and puppies.
Due to our Hanrob’s reputation for real world experience and leadership in dog training, we have an extremely high success rate with graduates then going on to work as part of our training team or successfully gaining other jobs within the industry.
He has trained dogs and handlers for various applications for clients from the private, corporate and domestic and international government sectors. For 10 years, Wayne has been involved in the training of both handlers and dogs and employment of dogs in support of non-conventional counter terrorism operations with the Army Explosive Detection Dogs.
Tina has assisted in developing new training courses for dogs and their handlers to come into line with modern methods of training and coordinates the instructor training courses for Geelong Obedience Dog Club.

This allows you to work with and handle a variety of dogs, whilst completing a Practical Hours Logbook. Becoming involved with Sitdropstay founder George Lygidakis and his team of dog behaviour specialists was an amazing opportunity and the start of a fabulous journey into the world of dog whispering. George must have sensed that knowing and seen the potential for me to use that inner knowledge and apply it to the field of dog behaviorism. I am still amazed and thrilled at times when I see the dramatic changes that our training methods have on dogs and their owners. Even our puppy Benny is taking notice and Charlie our really old dog is taking in the commands as well – stay, sit, wait, leave it.
We always had a dog as part of the family growing up, and this is when my love developed for dogs in particular. This situation gave me the opportunity to compare the vast array of training techniques available, and learn about the many differing opinions of those part of the dog training world.
Your dog will understand your expectations and a shared respect and deeper energetic connection will form as a result. This style of training encompasses the core beliefs and philosophy of consistency, fairness, and crystal clear communication that will turn any dog into a well-behaved member of society in any situation. You can expect to gain an in-depth understanding on a wide range of dog training techniques and the canine psychology and physiology that makes these skills effective. Ken has held the position of National Trainer for Australian Quarantine Inspection Services from 2008 to 2013 and has since continued to develop and deliver courses for Hanrob’s clients under the standards of the RTO. He offered to take me under his wing, train me in the fine art of dog whispering and bring me on board as a SitDropStay dog behaviour specialist.
When I met George and leant about the SitDropStay dog whispering philosophy, it simply made sense. You can schedule a FREE, NO OBLIGATION EVALUATION for your dog by calling:  321-222-9353. We will evaluate your dog, explain our programs, and offer solutions for the problems you are experiencing! From a young age, Nick realized that proper structure and consistency can transform ANY dog into a well behaved member of the family.
It is a practical, sensible and natural approach to establishing clear communication between you and your dog.
By using these same techniques, Melbourne Dog Trainers can guarantee obedience, 100% OFF LEASH!

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