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In the land of dog food brands, the choices are seemingly endless, with numerous dog food brands vying for your attention, your money and your dog’s approval.
According to Dog Food Advisor, Merrick’s products offer a 3.9% fiber content (lower than Blue Buffalo, but still strong), with 38% protein, 17% fat and no more than 25% carbs, which is a pretty decent average by any measure. While most dog foods use fractionated grains, Blue Buffalo takes care to include quality whole grains in its products, as well as high-quality fats like sunflower, flaxseed and canola oils, as well as fish oils from salmin and herring and other healthy fish. Blue Buffalo’s products are also stuffed with real fruits and vegetables, and avoid artificial preservatives, corn, wheat and other less-healthy additives you might not want your dog to deal with.
To that end, there’s a lot to like about Blue Buffalo as a company – they seem to care greatly about the quality of their product.Like Merrick, Blue Buffalo clearly sees the benefit of high-quality meat and vegetable-based food products.

The vast majority of this dry dog food consists of deboned duck, chicken, lamb meal, turkey meal and salmon meal – all lean, healthy meats with the right kind of nutrition (including omega-3 fatty acids from the salmon).In addition to the high-quality meat Merrick puts in their food, the company supplements it with incredibly healthy choices of vegetables as well.
However, this stuff is notable only for being slightly less healthy than the rest of the primary ingredients in Merrick’s products, which should be no cause for concern.Overall, Merrick’s product are some of the best we’ve seen in the world of dog food, particularly with its high emphasis on getting good protein into the dogs that need it. Their Blue Buffalo Basics Adult Turkey and Potato food includes mostly deboned turkey, peas, potatoes, turkey mean and brown rice. Grain Free Real Duck and Sweet Potato, for instance, includes sweet potato (obviously), peas, and potato, offering a strong source of natural and dietary fibers and important vitamins and minerals your dog needs.
The whole lineup is certified Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level 3 (something that Blue Buffalo cannot boast), which is nothing to turn your snout up at.

While rice is often a sign of filler, the use of whole ground brown rice (a complex carbohydrate) provides greater nutritional value than other types of carb-based filler you might find in other dog foods.According to Dog Food Advisor (which gave Blue Buffalo a mid-tier rating when evaluating its food), This particular product is full of complex carbs like flaxseed (which is another great source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids), oatmeal, while also supplementing them with cranberries, blueberries, whole carrots, parsley and kelp to provide added nutritional value to foot itself. Merrick places a high value on the presence of protein in their products, providing your pup with a prodigious platform for doggy nutrition. Altogether, this brings Blue Buffalo’s food to an estimated fiber content of 5.6% (higher than Merrick’s score).

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