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While advocates here in the United States may not be aware that the dog fighting issue affects dogs everywhere, we all agree that dog fighting is a crime where ever it is done.No dog should ever have to face such pain or die such a gruesome death!
The average dog fight poses more risk to the humans involved in breaking it up than to the dogs involved. Peace Love And Pitbulls posted by NinaErmalina at 25 October 2015, the extraordinary pic above is one of few unique picture that related to the main gallery Peace Love And Pitbulls.
At the same time, it’s very difficult to man international borders, while we here at home are having much difficulty eradicating the gruesome act of fighting dogs. They have left the dog fighting days behind, because they have finally realized that it has become too risky, and that they can still have the attention and possibly money that they craved when they were dog fighters, by showing and breeding American Bullies. It has introduced people who did not have a direction with their dogs, to the world of legitimate dog competition in the show ring.
Dogs are relatively tough, and if the size is anywhere near equal, most dogs come out of a fight with minor injuries.
You can get a nasty bite reaching into a fight involving dogs other than well bred pit bulls. Dogs which wasted time strutting around in a threat display would be quickly killed by boar or bear or dog and thus threat displays were minimized.

The ability to understand and respond to submissive signals while fighting was diminished as well. So don't miss to chec-out the main posting Peace Love And Pitbulls to read the complete story.
But it is important that as far as this matter is concerned, we are fighting an uphill battle.
But the truth is, dog fighting in The United States has taken a big hit in the last 5 years or so. The people that are old time fighters should share their experiences with people that are still fighting. But add hysterical humans to the mix and the injuries can become severe, both to the dogs and the humans involved. However, outside of fighting situations, bull breeds respond to all dog body signals the same as other breeds. In fact, in an effort to shake the negative stigma, some people have switched from Pitbulls to American Bullies and other Bulldog types. As horrific as that dog fight out in the street sounds, chances are not much damage is being done and - importantly - if the dogs were left alone chances are very great they would sort themselves out in short order.

I personally feel that dog fighters should be made to feel all of the pains of the dogs that they fight. There are text conversations being posted on social media networks and videos of dog fighting being shown to the world. Since the American Bully really became popular, around 2005, Pitbull fighting stories have really been decreasing. Many are now showing their dogs in the ABKC ring and creating champions and grand champions that people admire. Because breaking up a fight between two pit bulls is far different from breaking up a fight between cur dogs.

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