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Rapper Pitbull, who turns 34 today (January 15) is best known for tracks like I Know You Want Me and Feel This Moment and the likes.
When Armando Perez, aka Pitbull, walked onto the set of "Estudio Billboard" earlier this year, he shook his head at the bongos, the piano and the guitar.
There are three Pitbull tracks on this week's Latin Rhythm Songs chart: "Shut It Down," featuring Akon (No. Pitbull has all that, but he also has a particular knack for putting hooks and riffs together and creating ear-friendly collages.
The catchiest part of the track, Pitbull says, is the opening "one, two, three, four" count in English and Spanish, which segues into a remix of "75, Brazil Street" by Pat-Rich and Nicola Fasano.

Even when he doesn't get involved in producing the track, a featured performance by Pitbull on another artist's song brings a distinct edge. Part of Pitbull's "thing" was as easy as adding the "go, DJ, go" shout-out that's heard at the beginning of the track. On Belinda's "Egoista," which Pitbull didn't produce, he added the Cuban-sounding chant of "Ego, ego, egoista" heard in the introduction. The explosion of singles will serve to set up Pitbull's upcoming Spanish-language album, "Armando," which has been pushed back to September.
Top 10 Pitbull new Songs 2015-2016 list and all time best most popular hits with latest hot Pitbull Songs.

Pitbull The rapper was born Armando Christian Perez, and then took up the stage name Pitbull, which he is better known as now.

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