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While advocates here in the United States may not be aware that the dog fighting issue affects dogs everywhere, we all agree that dog fighting is a crime where ever it is done.No dog should ever have to face such pain or die such a gruesome death!
Peace Love And Pitbulls uploaded by NinaErmalina at 25 October 2015, the extraordinary image above is one of few beautiful picture that related to the main posting Peace Love And Pitbulls. At the same time, it’s very difficult to man international borders, while we here at home are having much difficulty eradicating the gruesome act of fighting dogs.

So don't miss to chec-out the main posting Peace Love And Pitbulls to read the complete story. But it is important that as far as this matter is concerned, we are fighting an uphill battle. I personally feel that dog fighters should be made to feel all of the pains of the dogs that they fight.

The video below helps to prove that the dog fight battle should not only be focused on the USA alone.

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