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Personal protection puppy training - A dog bite victims' advocate alerted us to this video on the day it was published on YouTube, February 27, 2015. CONTENT WARNING Readers who have been viciously attacked by any breed of dog and suffered Posttraumatic Stress Disorder should not watch this video. A sampling of other commenters include Velvet Norman who wrote, "Pit must be the only dogs you have to TRAIN NOT to kill you or a family member" and lifehackertips who wrote, "Well looks like we just saw 5 more people become BSL advocates. According to the daughter, the pit bull wound up at her mother's home when her sister got kicked out of her living environment and had no other place to put the dog. After reading the details of this dog it is nothing short of miraculous that he didn't go after one of the children. The way he went right for the face and pulled her down - dogs aren't supposed to do that. Sarah, the dog certainly may have been tense in the immediate seconds following the attack, but the daughter that posted the video actually took the dog away after the attack.
Update: The video has surpassed 45k views, at least one news source (in Georgia) has written about it and the video poster just removed about 400 comments, possibly by banning a swath of pit bull promoters. The unpredictable violent attack by the pit bull begins just seconds later -- at 43 seconds -- which is the first time the dog is seen.
The video clearly depicts how sudden and swiftly these violent attacks occur as the children continue laughter nearby and the camera holder requires a moment to comprehend what is happening.
She comments similarly, not long after the attack, the dog was acting “like his normal self.
If you've ever questioned the veracity of an unprovoked, unpredictable attack by a pit bull, in this case an attack on a family member, you won't again after watching this video.

We are left with the camera pointing up toward a blue sky with puffy white clouds as family members scramble to pull the dog off the woman.
She blames her sister and unfortunately blames the horrific attack on poor training, even going as far as calling the dog "wild." It is unknown what the actual history of this pit bull is, but the dog clearly lived on the property with the family. In 2014, 5 fatal dog attacks involved this scenario, 4 deaths involved pit bulls and 1 involved rottweilers.
Even my dad wanted to get rid of him and told my sister several times to come get her dog, but she did not." Her mother nearly paid with her life for this false hope.
As for the dog in the video yes he was held for a mandatory 10 day holding period to ensure he didnt show any signs of rabies.
Now that you have read this far, along with our warning, below is a link to the grim video. We hear shouts and struggles, we hear someone beating on the dog then the first words, post attack, are spoken. Also, in the video’s short YouTube lifespan, it received national and international media attention.
It is important to point this out because saying that the attacker came from a litter “between 2 fighters” is just another attempt to excuse away the dog's explosive unprovoked aggression. The only reason the dog was at my moms was because my sister got kicked out of where she was living and had no place to put the dog.
Regardless of any criticism I or anyone else might have of the grandparents taking that dog in (I am a grandmother and I've had dogs put off on me also) the grandparents and their daughter are to be commended for attempting to prevent future victims of these dogs.
It is the idyllic setting of the video, hijacked by sudden violence, and parts that are not shown that will shudder your core.

A second version of the video was republished to the web also on February 27 that added two still images at the end, the grandmother's healing facial injury and the attacking pit bull.
They may regret showing the public this video and take it down but I hope they don't and I wish to thank them for their efforts and courage in putting this video out there. He was a wild dog and she should be ashamed for keeping him out of selfishness and not love. After speaking with animal control they informed us that because she left the dog there for more than 30 days that he was considered my parents' dog and that she had abandoned him. This dog had not been kept around the children and the entire time he was around he had to be kept away from them because he kept knocking them down every time they would try to run by.
Even I went there and tried to teach him basic commands "sit, stay, no, and to not jump." The dog was unwilling to learn and continued to exhibit dominant behaviors. I begged my mom to get rid of him and she was terrified that someone else like my sister would get ahold of him and continue to breed him or use him for dog fights.
It came to a point that I stopped going down there because I did not like the dog especially being around my daughter. My least favorite part about this story was talking to the people at animal control to find out that my irresponsible sister had previously been to the emergency room for dog bites with this dog and then still brought him to the home where her children and our parents were I completely blame my sister for this.

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