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Reports also suggest that this dog was brought at a whopping cost of Rs 9 Lakh (US $ 14,000). After attacking his master the canine kept biting the head of the owner till his head was separated from the torso.
Its a known fact that Pitbull and Rottweiler are listed as the most unpredictable and aggressive breeds of canine. In spite of being notorious for their super-aggressive behaviour some people dare to own these dogs with a hope that they can tame these demonic creatures. Most cops, like myself, would do everything in their power to not have to shoot someone’s dog. I think many people fail to see what kind of severe bodily injuries can occur when aggressive dogs attack. Many people don’t understand this, and they become overly-emotional because they fail to perceive the real physical harm that can occur when a large, aggressive dog attacks.
Here’s a few videos where officers were attacked by an aggressive dog and justifiably used deadly force in order to protect themselves.
I love animals and I appreciate that they can make loving pets (having had a few pets in my lifetime) and in some ways there are times that I would rather show more compassion for a dog or cat than some of the disgusting human beings that I have met.
Pit Bull owners are furious over a new ruling that declares that their dogs are “inherently dangerous.” The Maryland Court of Appeals ruling also states that a pit bull owner, or a landlord who rents to a person who owns a pit bull, is now liable for any damages caused by their dogs. A Palm Bay, Florida man, 35-year-old Ricardo Marquis Davis, confessed to biting off his girlfriend’s thumb.

A dog pack murder charge is being leveled against a man who allowed his pit bulls to maul and kill a jogger in Southern California. Chelsi Camp, a Texas mother, bravely bit off a pit bull’s ear to save her daughter when she was being attacked by the animal. A boy, 4, was killed by three dogs at his mother’s house in Kent County, Delaware, Wednesday afternoon. Two dogs killed a boy, 6, in Fannings Springs, Florida after he went outside to play at home.
These were the days when I carried a PR-24 baton, and I braced myself to whack the dog as hard as I could on its head with a power strike. But don’t try to convince the people in the following photographs that such animals pose little danger. Police officers had been called to the home on a domestic violence issue just before the deadly dog attack occurred. A photo of the beautiful three-week-old baby was released for the first time on Verheyden.Org on Monday.
He was driving her to work at Taco Bell at the time, when the fight escalated, and he bit off her thumb and spit it out onto the floorboard. The boy suffered multiple bite wounds, lacerations and a severed penis according to his mother. On one particular occasion, during a probation search, a large German Shepherd lunged at me and deliberately attempted to bite me in the face.

The old man who was doing his best to restrain the dog kept yelling for me to not hit the dog. In some instances, cops are forced to shoot a dog in order to protect themselves or the lives of others. The dog is a dog but it is the owner who should be blamed for carelessly exposing their pet by letting it threaten. Law enforcement officers are permitted to use their handguns to stop the threat of death or great bodily injury that could most definitely occur from a large or aggressive dog (see the photographs in my post).
The dog was so close to my face that I actually felt the sound and wind of his jaws closing as he tried to bite my face off. He said something to the effect that the dog was good and just wanted to greet me, although at the time I could barely make it out. Even if the dog is able to bite onto an arm or leg, these can turn out to be very serious injuries indeed. Many don’t know how to read dogs either and their apprehension around the more aggressive breeds (so to speak) often makes them uneasy and easily agitated so that they are quick to attack.

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