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There’s no question that the portrayal of pit bulls has become increasingly negative.
Though not all pit bulls are the same, generally, the articles that relate to them would typically note the ferocity and wild nature that they have.
So, to help you gain better understanding about this breed of dogs, here are some pit bull facts that will help you get to know more about this breed.
The three most common types of pit bulls would include the American Staffordshire terrier, American pit bull terrier, and the Staffordshire bull terrier. Pit bull facts would also say that this breed of dogs do not show any gestures of appeasement nor submission. Several pit bull facts have also shown that  pit bulls that has been through adequate training and programs were able to live peacefully with their owners and do not pose a threat to anyone.
A number of myths surround pit bulls and contribute to the negative stereotype associated with these dogs. In the book Pit Bull Placebo by Karen Delise discusses how dogs of various breeds have been demonized since the 1800’s. 1:  Pit bulls are inherently dangerous, as the Maryland Court of Appeals recently labeled them. German Shepherd Dog, American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), and Rottweiler were tested using a bite sleeve equipped with a specialized computer instrument to measure bite pressure. Cincinnati Ohio’s vicious dog ordinance, which previously made ownership of pit bulls within city limits illegal has been repealed. Of the 4 to 6 million dogs and cats still being killed in shelters each year, most – roughly 1.5 million – are pit bulls.

My friend is a breeder of Pit Bulls so I have hear her talk about the Pit Bull classification and the different breeds that make it up for years. You can identify pit bulls by their frame, posture, and the unique size of  their head and  jaw. Some pit bulls were even selected for their fighting competency. Pit bulls are also known for their violent genetic traits. Because of this, pit bulls is one breed that is really hard to understand, train, and control. However, many of these myths are unfair and do not accurately represent pit bulls.First off, many people do not understand that pit bulls are not a breed of dog. Ian Dunbar speaks about the myths, facts, and warning signs of dog bites and simple to understand methods of setting a dog up for success in being social, friendly, and safe. Pit bulls have locking jaws that make it virtually impossible to separate a pit bull from people or animals they bite. If you are going to keep your dog chained up as a lawn ornament, used as a guard dog, or to show off how macho you are, please do NOT adopt a pit bull. I have also seen first hand that they way a Pit Bull behaves is as it is with any dog – all in the upbringing. This infographic will deconstruct some of the most popular myths, including the pit bull’s bite strength, its aggressive temperament and ways to prevent potential incidents in the future. They’ve actually studied it and found that the pit bull skull is no different than any other dog.
Because pit bulls are typically large, muscular and intimidating in appearance, pit bull puppies are regularly bought by people who want a mean, scary dog or by thug-types who want to impress their friends with an aggressive dog.

When these irresponsible owners watch the dog age and do not get aggressive behaviors naturally, they begin abusing and neglecting their dog until it becomes aggressive and violent.However, this is not to say that pit bulls are mean, aggressive or scary at all. In some cases, this myth even goes so far as to say that a pit bull's jaw cannot even be pulled apart if the dog is killed. In truth, a pit bull's jaw structure is no different from the jaw structure of any other dog breed. In fact, pit bulls have no greater biting pressure than most other breeds and are, in fact, surpassed by Rottweilers and German Shepherds.Another pit bull-related myth is that these dogs do not feel pain. This myth states that a pit bull's brain can swell to a size that cannot be accommodated by the skull, causing pit bulls to go insane.
This myth, which has also been attributed to Dobermans, is completely unfounded and untrue.Pit Bull Behavior MythsAlong with myths surrounding the physical aspects of pit bulls, there are also a number of pit bull myths associated with the behavior of these dogs.
First and foremost, many people believe that pit bulls are inherently aggressive and more likely to attack their owners and other people.
Pit bulls, like any other dogs, do not exhibit aggressive behavior without reason or provocation.

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