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The American Pit Bull Terrier is a wonderful dog, well-known for its intelligence, strength, and loyalty. Like many modern breeds, it is impossible to be completely sure of the details of the American Pit Bull Terrier's long history. Like most dog owners, the butchers were proud of their canine companions and their stubborn tenacity in dealing with the much larger, and potentially dangerous bulls.
Despite their gallant history, pit bulls faced an uphill battle in gaining official recognition.
The performance events created an immediate problem for the pit bull since the function for which they were bred - fighting - was illegal.

In response to the AKC's unwillingness to include pit bulls as a bonafide breed, in 1898 an alternative group was formed - the UKC (United Kennel Club).
Ultimately the AKC did recognize the pit bull in 1936, albeit under the designation of the Staffordshire Terrier, named after the region of England where the crossbreeding of bulldogs and terriers is thought to have begun.
But, perhaps the most famous pit bull was Petey, the adorable ring-eyed cutey featured on the TV show Little Rascals. Today, the American Pit Bull Terrier is a beloved animal that is used in a variety of helping functions in society including police dogs, search dogs, therapy dogs, and farm dogs. Pit bulls have born the brunt of the backlash because of their popularity with dog fighters.

Occasionally, you may find pedigrees that show the Chaos pit bull bloodline bred into the Watchdog bloodline. Originally, Watchdog pit bulls were bred with Carver and Mason pit bull bloodlines to create the bloodline that is the Watchdog Pit Bull.
I have not heard that some bloodlines have longer fur than others, but it makes sense, as I have seen Pit Bulls with thicker coats with slightly longer fur.

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