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In the 10-year period from 2005 to 2014, pit bulls killed 203 Americans and accounted for 62% of the total recorded deaths (326). - A dog bite victims' advocate alerted us to this video on the day it was published on YouTube, February 27, 2015. At 43 seconds, the grandmother is still recovering from the cold water shock and the children are squealing in delight when the pit bull leaps up and latches onto her face with its powerful jaws.
This is my mom when she was viciously attacked by a pit bull last year during the ALS ice bucket challenge.
The daughter provides more background details in the comments section, many of which aptly describe a common pit bull owner, deviant, narcissistic and more. A sampling of other commenters include Velvet Norman who wrote, "Pit must be the only dogs you have to TRAIN NOT to kill you or a family member" and lifehackertips who wrote, "Well looks like we just saw 5 more people become BSL advocates. According to the daughter, the pit bull wound up at her mother's home when her sister got kicked out of her living environment and had no other place to put the dog. The way he went right for the face and pulled her down - dogs aren't supposed to do that.
Update: The video has surpassed 45k views, at least one news source (in Georgia) has written about it and the video poster just removed about 400 comments, possibly by banning a swath of pit bull promoters.

Mint Employee, 2 Others Outside San Francisco Coin FactoryA pit bull’s leg will likely be amputated after the dog allegedly attacked a U.S. After attacking his master the canine kept biting the head of the owner till his head was separated from the torso. For several reasons, we believe it will be taken offline in the future -- we preserved a copy in case this occurs.1 For those who can bear to watch it, it is a classic "unprovoked, unpredictable" attack by a pit bull, the very type of attack that appellate courts have described for over 25-years and why cities and entire countries choose to regulate this breed.
The unpredictable violent attack by the pit bull begins just seconds later -- at 43 seconds -- which is the first time the dog is seen.
The pit bull has pulled the woman to the ground with its jaws and the camera holder rushes to help, whereby depicting a scene of "spiraling down" until the camera falls to the ground.
An adult child or an adult grandchild dumps their pit bull(s) at their homes and in other cases, the adult child or grandchild moves into his parent's or grandparent's home and brings along their pit bulls.
If you've ever questioned the veracity of an unprovoked, unpredictable attack by a pit bull, in this case an attack on a family member, you won't again after watching this video. She blames her sister and unfortunately blames the horrific attack on poor training, even going as far as calling the dog "wild." It is unknown what the actual history of this pit bull is, but the dog clearly lived on the property with the family.
In 2014, 5 fatal dog attacks involved this scenario, 4 deaths involved pit bulls and 1 involved rottweilers.

Kilo did not come from a litter “between 2 fighters.” Kilo’s owner was simply selling blue pit bulls, which can have a significant mark up. Its a known fact that Pitbull and Rottweiler are listed as the most unpredictable and aggressive breeds of canine.
In spite of being notorious for their super-aggressive behaviour some people dare to own these dogs with a hope that they can tame these demonic creatures. Regardless of any criticism I or anyone else might have of the grandparents taking that dog in (I am a grandmother and I've had dogs put off on me also) the grandparents and their daughter are to be commended for attempting to prevent future victims of these dogs. A second version of the video was republished to the web also on February 27 that added two still images at the end, the grandmother's healing facial injury and the attacking pit bull.

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