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Keeping a Silky Terrier in a shorter cut is easier and usually more appealing for the average pet owner.
Although it's a toy breed, this little dog has the alert, inquisitive nature typical of terrier breeds. This 1916 dog breed profile believes that this terrier should hold its owner with the popular breeds.
Most of the terrier dog breeds need purposeful employment, and the Welsh Terrier is no exception. If you were to ask 10 Welsh Terrier owners what they like best about the breed, you would probably get 10 different answers because it's such a versatile dog. The Welsh Terrier is easily trained to stay in a crate when running loose would invite trouble. The Welsh Terrier was referred to in a Welsh poem written in 1450, describing it as "a good black and red terrier." Red was used in the same poem to describe the fox, and that is still the preferred shade of brown. By a long and circuitous route, the Welsh Terrier that had been the scruffy farmer's aide and the poacher's pal was acknowledged by the Kennel Club in London in 1885, which officially designated it the Welsh Terrier.
The first two Welsh Terriers came to the United States from Great Britain and were entered in the American Kennel Club stud registry. Although few Welsh Terriers show up in shelters, the Welsh Terrier Club of America Rescue has a national network of people who find and care for dogs until new homes are found.
Welsh Terriers going to a second home have an advantage over many other dog breeds because they are generally not one-person dogs. Brenda Waddoups of Dallas brought a rescue Welsh Terrier into her home, where an Airedale Terrier, Dandy, and a Welsh Terrier already lived. Grooming the Welsh Terrier is something every dog owner should understand before getting the dog. The Welsh Terrier has a double coat: a soft, insulating undercoat, which may be lighter in color than the top coat, and the outer coat, which is the one you see and is harsh, wiry, thick and waterproof.
Welsh Terriers do not shed much, so if you brush weekly to remove dead hair, you won't find any on the couch or your clothes.

Of course, we're dealing with Welsh Terriers, so having said all that, the fact is most of them love water. Ardent sailors, John and Patty Boyd of Newcastle, Calif., never go to sea without their Welsh Terrier in his life jacket.
Terriers have high energy levels and respond instantly to anything unusual in their environments.
Another creation of the inventive Australians, the Silky Terrier was developed from a cross between Australian and the Yorkshire Terriers. It will try your patience by pretending to understand what you are saying only if you can repeat it in Welsh, a pretense accompanied by a typical Welsh Terrier expression of innocence.
The Welsh Terrier's energetic personality invigorates and entertains its owners' needs and desires and is equally content to live in the city, suburbs or country, with or without kids or pets. Outdoors, this dog breed must be walked on a leash and needs a fenced yard or rectangular dog run for exercise when its owner isn't up to it.
Although the Welsh Terrier breed standard allows for lighter shades, the only shade in the show ring is that rich red-brown on head and legs. It had been known for centuries in Wales by the generic Welsh worddaeargi, which means simply terrier. At that time, the breed was still only a few hairs away from the original unkempt, utilitarian farm dog and a long way from today's handsome, well-groomed specimens.
These set terriers apart from other dog breeds because any one of those senses can cause a distraction during training. The Welsh Terrier enjoys tramping through fields and along streams, which is the type of work it's been bred for. Welsh Terriers need good angulation and muscle in the hindquarters, strong lungs and sturdy legs and feet. After an energetic run one morning, the three dogs came barreling toward her and she yelled, "Dandy, sit!" All three screeched to a halt. Also, a Welsh Terrier can live its entire life of 14 or more years having had only a couple of baths.

The breed was seen in Australia in the early 1900s as a native-bred toy whose sole purpose was to be an attractive household pet, a role for which the breed is admirably equipped. The Welsh Terrier needs outdoor exercise, such as brisk walks or chasing toys, and mental exercise, such as obedience training. The Welsh Terrier is a relatively -- we're talking terriers here -- calm and quiet companion. For digging, the Welsh Terrier needs a short forearm and good lay-back of shoulder to dig through rocks and roots and a flexible loin to wriggle down a 9-inch hole.
Occasionally a dog will seem to settle in for a week or so and then show signs of being homesick, but a good workout with a new toy or a long, interesting walk with the new owner quickly dispels the problem, and the Welsh Terrier is once again a contented companion. Neither as active as a terrier nor needing as much care as the more diminutive toy breeds, the Silky is a happy medium.
Then a trip to the groomer for a professional trim four times a year will keep a Welsh Terrier looking and feeling fine.
If you feel the need to bathe a Welsh Terrier, a shampoo four times a year at the groomer won't hurt. During its rather short career, the breed has been known by a variety of names in its country of origin: Victorian Silky, Sydney Silky and Australian Silky Terrier. A true working terrier, the Welsh was bred to hunt badger, fox and otter as well as rats and other vermin. The breed attracted the interest of servicemen stationed in Australia during World War II, who introduced it to the U.S. It has been on the American roster of official breeds since 1959 and on Canada's since the mid-1960s. Young dogs make good pets for children with similar traits, while older dogs are fine companions for senior citizens.

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