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Please share All Dog Breeds With Photos Wallpaper gallery to the all Social you have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit and more social platforms, we are going to be so glad, thanks! People might familiar with this movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians since their childhood with Disney movie. This animation was produced at 1959 and soon hit the market by numerous cute dalmatian dogs in the film. The distinguishing feature that spotted fur coated them made them become popular star since this movie debut.

Yes,they are dogs,our familiar and passionate friend,and they always give us colorful days from the past to the future.
This affectionate dog quickly becomes a family favorite since the output of One Hundred and One Dalmatians. In addition to their loyalty and agility,they are a bit of sensitive and lack of sense of security. For example,some Italian researcher have conducted a experiment and discovered that dogs’ wagging tails direction somewhat expresses their mood.
Tails to right means they are joyful and hospitable while tails to right means they are alert or angry right now!

Their loyalty is also famous and this may cause them take alert to stranger and aggressive in face of dangerous condition.
This drawback makes them hard to socialize and so to reduce their popularity in recent years.

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