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This is especially true when it comes to recognizing and treating dis-eases due to vaccination like the rabies miasm.
Rabies vaccination has been most frequently implicated in these post-vaccinal behavior changes. Rex is a great example of a dog whose behavior problems can be associated directly with rabies vaccination. Within a few weeks of Rex’s first homeopathic medicine he stopped reacting to unseen “demons”.
If you suspect the rabies miasm or other problems from vaccination, please consult a trained homeopathic veterinarian.
Rabies vaccination (or the infectious dis-ease of rabies) does this in a certain way such that the rabies miasm symptoms become prominent.
If the mom or dad is manifesting rabies miasm symptoms then the pups can be born with this miasmatic tendency.
Hello, I am going to be vaccinating my 8 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy with his first rabies vaccine to comply with the law.

The best way to prevent any ill effect from rabies vaccine is to insure that he is in a good strong equilibrium before you vaccinate. Unfortunately there are no one or two homeopathic medicines that are true preventatives against rabies vaccinosis. I definitely would stick with a thimerosal (and mercury) free vaccine such as the one from Merck. After proper training and homeopathic treatment, the majority of these dogs make fine family companions. Although Belladonna is indeed one of (many) homeopathic medicines for treating the rabies miasm, the correct treatment is based on strict individualization.
Over the next few months and with continued homeopathic treatment, Rex continued to improve. However, he had his rabies vaccination the day prior to a training class, and he just went crazy, diving in and biting the sheep. I am thinking specifically of diseases that result from vaccinations (vaccinosis) like the rabies miasm.

Some dogs that have the rabies miasma are not afraid of running water (such as out of a hose). My colleague who I was working with, and I both recognized the correlation, and ended for the day. We consulted with a reiki expert who mentioned rabies miasm, and recommended homeopathy treatment and color therapy.
First we didn’t know why he started to show anxiety towards people and other dogs and later he started to aggressively lunging at people and dogs when we took him for a walk.
Consultation with many trainers and behavior specialists proved frustrating and unsuccessful. If he saw another dog, especially larger dogs, Rex would start barking, growling and lunging like a rabid dog.

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