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There are many quizzes to help narrow down which breed(s) might be best suited to your needs.
While every dog has his own personality quirks and traits, you can learn a lot about what to expect from a dog by his breed. There is really no one “best” dog breed—ultimately, the right breed for you depends on what you’re looking for in a four-legged pal. Okay, dogs don’t have voltage—but energy requirements can vary greatly from breed to breed. Before you pick a dog breed because you like its long, silky hair, pause to think about what kind of upkeep that gorgeous mane demands. Look around your existing living quarters: the amount of room you have available could help narrow your list of potential dog breeds.
The perfect fit for your family will depend largely on whom, exactly, your family consists of.
You might be excited at the prospect of teaching your future dog some very elaborate tricks, or you might be completely indifferent about whether he does much beyond the basics.
Choosing The Right Breed Of Dog For YouPicking out the right breed of dog or puppy is the most crucial decision you will make when you decide to adopt your new family member. Apartment dwellers should also ask themselves if they’re willing to walk up and down flights of stairs six times a day to exercise their dog early in the morning and late at night. Likewise, if you live in rural area, ask yourself where the dog will spend most of its time. The toy group including the darling King Charles spaniel, playful Chihuahua, Pomeranian, pug and poodle are great for small spaces. The herding group, mostly collies and sheepdogs, are great for farms and ideal for families.
Sporting dogs (including famously beloved Weimaraners, Labradors and cocker spaniels) enjoy outings, particularly the type of activity where they can run and roam free. Non-sporting is a diverse group that include the Dalmatian, French bulldog, poodle, bulldog and Chinese Shar-Pei. If cost is an issue, a great alternative to buying a purebred is adopting a dog from a rescue shelter.

While getting a dog is a big commitment, it’s also the beginning of a long and fulfilling relationship. Return to the Pet HealthZone Email this article to a friend or share it via your favorite social network. And with all of the different breeds to choose from it can seem daunting trying to figure out which breed might be best suited to your needs. A dog’s breed will influence everything from his energy levels to temperament to lifestyle requirements—in other words, the important stuff that will determine whether he’ll be the right fit for you and your family. Here are some important factors to consider in finding the breed that’s just right for you.
A breed that was bred to run, like a husky, won’t be very happy if you live a sedentary lifestyle. Make an honest assessment of how much outdoor playtime—walks, dog park romps, Frisbee sessions—you’ll be able to devote to your dog, then choose a breed whose energy level corresponds with what you have to offer. Afghan hounds, bichon frises, and plenty of other breeds will require you to put the groomer’s phone number on speed dial. Many people incorrectly assume that smaller breeds do well in smaller spaces, and that larger dogs require big houses. For instance, certain breeds do particularly well with little kids (hi, Bernese mountain dog!) whereas others aren’t so fond of little ones. There are a variety of decisions that should be carefully thought out when contemplating making a pet a part of the family.
This dog will be part of your life for years to come so do plenty of research before making the commitment.
While some owners have taken to training pups to go on pee pads versus trips outside, this gives dogs the impression that it’s OK to go potty inside the home. For example, a petite Pomeranian might be the groomer’s worst nightmare with dirt, bugs and stickers constantly tangled in its long, silky hair. Even if you send your dog to obedience training you will still need to dedicate time to working with him on a regular basis.
These costs range from veterinary visits for routine vaccines and teeth cleanings to unexpected illnesses and accidents.

They are fast learners, intelligent and excellent companions but aren’t always ideal for families with children. These include beagles, dachshunds and, well, hounds, all of which are known for their endless energy and hunting traits. Known as friendly and sturdy dogs, they range in size as well as personality, coat and size. The cost isn’t only significantly lower but you get the benefit of getting multiple breeds in one. So no two dogs from the same breed will be exactly alike, but knowing a bit about the breed will help give you an idea as to what you can expect and how much time and energy may be required to care for your dog. That’s not always the case: nobody would describe a bull mastiff as petite, but they do just fine in small spaces. Don’t forget the other pets already in your family: most golden retrievers are great around other dogs, whereas many Akitas prefer to be the only apple of your eye.
All the little things add up, too: Microchipping, grooming, leashes, dog bowls, food, flea medication, toys, doggie doors and a dog bed to snooze on. Determine what you look for in a dog—a sporty dog, a cuddly dog, a solitary dog, etc.—and use it as a guide for choosing the right breed for you.
You might need to hire a dog walker if you work long hours or need to make accommodations for your dog when you travel. These dogs have strong personality that requires owners who are willing to put up with a little attitude. However, I know I would be miserable since they require quite a bit of grooming and a lot of exercise. Nationwide, the Nationwide N and Eagle, and Nationwide Is On Your Side are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. There are many dogs in need of a good home and a second chance.  Look forward to a future write up on how to get your new puppy or new to you dog from a Rescue or Shelter.

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