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Every kind of cat, from lions and cheetahs to Siamese and alley cats, have an instinctive need to scratch. How to Treat a Cat That has a Scratched EyeCats are naturally curious and get into many places in the household. Home Remedies for Cats with FleasIt's easy to imagine a dog scratching frantically because he's got fleas, but cats are also susceptible to these nasty little critters. Providing your cat with cat toys will offer her a distraction from shredding your furniture. Your goal, then, is not to stop your cat from scratching -- that can't be done -- but rather to limit her scratching to the places you choose.Give her a good scratching post -- or two, or three. The good thing about scratching damage in inappropriate places is your cat has identified the locations she thinks are best for scratching.

It has to be sturdy enough that a 10- to 15-pound cat repeatedly pulling on it near the top won't bring it toppling over on her head.This would be a quick way to train her not to scratch on the post! Cats are attracted to textured surfaces as scratching zones, and the coarse weave lets them hook in and get a good stretch.
In all cases, lavish her with praise and petting for doing the right thing.When to Call the VetScratching behavior rarely has a physical cause.
However, your vet can help you determine a course of treatment or refer you to a competent behaviorist.If you have a cat that immediately darts under the bed whenever you walk into the room, you might be wondering you got a pet in the first place. Try to structure your cat's environment so that the scratching post is the most accessible and attractive thing to scratch on. If you're committed to a lifetime of having cats, it's probably better to outfit your home with washable area rugs and hardwood floors than wall-to-wall deep-pile carpeting in every room.

Trim your cat's nails regularly to reduce her ability to inflict serious scratching damage. If you're squeamish or your cat is particularly uncooperative, you can have your vet or groomer do it for you.

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