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Personal protection puppy training
Before you buy a personal protection dog or consider training a dog for personal protection, you may want to do some research.
Prices for trained personal protection dogs can range from $4500 (or less) to over $50,000. Many dog businesses import a sport titled dog, quadruple the price, and let it live in a kennel without any further training until someone buys it (as I mentioned above). A very impressive set of videos and I commend you for mastering an incredible method of dog and owner training!
I always thought Sporting Dogs can perform well as Personal Protection Dogs, was proven wrong by this post actually.
Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I loved the article, and very happy that I found a person that actually knows what he’s talking about.

AboutK9-1 Specialized Dog Training LLC creates modern training systems, standards, and advocacy for the field of dog training. We are looking to buy a smart, loving calm family protection German Shepherd dog so I began my research, after swimming through an avalanche of information and I began to think that a protection dog was really wired and high energy dog and not really a family dog.
Due to a stalker who is getting out of prison soon, I have decided to get a personal protection dog and have purchased a young, but well started Dutch Shepherd. I don’t even know you and based on what I read I would send my dog to you for any kind of training. There is so much bullsh;t in dog training today like clickers and a new scientific method .
But I can’t find a trainer in my area who will do even a basic civil defense test, let alone the kind of training I want done (disabling the weapon arm, defense rather than offense, muzzle work, pretty much all the stuff you teach).

Right now she is at a trainer’s for some advanced training and will be coming home this weekend to get started with bonding with my son and me. I am looking forward to continuing her training and working with her, as well as learning some new dog training techniques myself. The only other place I would also send my dog for any kind of training is Red Star Kennel (RSK), feel free to check out their website. It is pretty much IDENTICAL read about personal protection dogs, except that I haven’t ever read anything about a dog focusing on a weapon.

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