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If you are ready for the awesome experience of owning a pitbull that is bred for high intensity action, mind blowing performance, along with their ability to think, and the content of their character, then call us.
If for any reason you're not happy with one of my puppies you may return it for credit toward a newborn pup. Unless prearranged by the buyer for a cropped tail, my Heeler pup's tails will NOT be docked. To view the bloodline on Isenguard’s father’s side click on Lefty’s pedigree.Isenguard has a deep chest and increadalbe stamina,he is extreamly intelagent and athletic. Our dogs are bred the right way and are not mixed with any other K9 blood to produce a trendy color or look.

Draco is a great red nosed pit bull with an awesome pedigree loaded with great dogs like “Zeus”, “midnight Cowboy”, “Snooty”, “Grunt”, “Chinaman”, “Frisco”, and many others. Our pitbull puppies for sale are the real deal; this is among the purest pitbull blood in existence today or for that matter, is among the purest pitbull blood that has ever existed.
Not only is the blood in our pitbull puppies 100% pure, their pedigree is fully loaded with all the major champions that there has ever been. Our dogs are bred for their ability to think, their ability to perform and the content of their character. Owning one of our pitbull puppies is an absolute joy and you will be extremely proud of having one of our dogs when you see how well they perform.

We say with confidence that McNamara bred Pit Bull puppies are among the very finest pit bull puppies for sale in the world today.

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