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Personal protection puppy training
Most of the time people receive a service dog from an organization that specializes in training dogs specifically for this purpose.
These dogs visit Ronald McDonald Houses, hospitals, nursing homes, disaster areas and other similar situations to give some much-needed comfort and affection to the people they meet there… I have visited with many wonderful therapy dogs, and I can vouch for the therapeutic benefits they provide! Enteral nutrition may be preferred to parenteral nutrition when there is adequate GI tract function.
You are probably familiar with guide dogs, for instance, that aid their blind handlers, keeping them safe as they go about their daily activities.

Double Doodles, also called North American Retrievers, are one of the few types of dogs that were initially bred to be trained as service dogs. Enteral nutrition helps maintain the structure and function of the GI tract and acts as an immunologic barrier. Or there are hypoglycemia alert dogs that can sense when there is a change in a person’s blood sugar and proceed to notify their handler so that they can take appropriate action to avoid a dangerous situation. NE and NG feeding tubes are relatively inexpensive, can be placed quickly and easily, do not require general anesthesia, and are generally well tolerated by cats and dogs (Figure 1).

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