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If you wish to learn how to do a specific task in Chief Architect, for a small fee, we can help. Each family has its own set of instructional videos walking you through the process of learning specific Chief Architect tasks. You submit the idea, the file and a brief description of what you need to accomplish, and we will make a video to  solve that issue. In the beginning it was featuring only great architectural images from unique designed houses. Home designer professional, by chief architect, is professional home design software for the serious diy home enthusiast.
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We are also looking for Chiefers like you that can help contribute to this site to make it grow.
Software architecture is the high level structure of a software system, the discipline of creating such structures, and the documentation of these structures. For professionals, we publish the Chief Architect software product line; the most popular product for residential home design. He was the driving force for the website design, the layout for families, and the overall online theory. A compilation of the most important duties, skills, and knowledge areas of a software architect, as submitted by visitors to the Software Engineering Institute website. We are independent contractors with a love of Chief Architect and deep desire to help teach.

He is working hard to complete a set of videos that are easy to follow and well organized with data.
We also offer Microsoft Windows Media Player Files to download as well as the streaming flash videos.
In October 2009, we partnered up with a long time Chief User Allen Brown, from Indy Blueprints - Allen Brown started his career in carpentry, both residential & commercial in the late 1980's.

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