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Over 4 accredited online dog training programs are offered at the 89 online schools in the US.
Accredited online dog training schools offer 3 online dog training certificate programs and 1 online dog training bachelor's degree program for students to choose from. Of the 59,575 students enrolled in online dog training classes, 50% graduate in a timely fashion. Online dog training college graduates can choose from a variety of professions including a dog trainer.
There’s a solid selection of free dog training videos that can help you get started on obedience training with your canine buddy! Zak George’s YouTube channel has a pretty nice variety of training videos, covering everything from how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash, to stopping your puppy from biting! Kong, creator of the beloved Kong dog toy, offers several free dog training videos on their website. Speaking of Kong, check out our post on the best recipes to put in a Kong toy if you’re looking for a new and fun way to feed your dog!

While there are plenty of free resources for beginning dog training online, the paid resources often provide much more information.
If online resources aren’t doing it for you, check out our post on the best dog training books you can buy in print, as well as our guide to housetraining a puppy. Please,which online dog training school do you really think will serve my need in becoming a versatile dog trainer,\.
The remaining 50% of students who are enrolled in an accredited online dog training programs either drop out or take an inordinate amount of time to complete their online dog training degree or certificate. Definitely give some of these videos a peek if you’re looking to get started on puppy training!
Choose from topics such as house training basics, socialization, loose leash walking, and more. Paid dog training courses online can offer more comprehensive information for dog obedience. Doggy Dan is an established individual in the dog training industry, using positive reinforcement and communication for dog training rather than fear or force.

The Nylabone website offers a pretty nice selection of dog training guides and articles that beginner trainers might find useful.
There are some good training articles, but the videos are few and far between, plus they’re difficult to locate. I’d also suggest checking out Udemy (they have tons of online classes) or local certification.
Let me know if you still have trouble and I’ll create a more extensive guide on paid online dog training schools!
This means that 73 out of every 100 students who apply for admission to enroll in online dog training courses receive admission.

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