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Ol’ Roy has received 300 complaints and reviews on Consumer Affairs with 95% of the ratings consisting of 1 star and 2 star reviews. Ol’Roy is likely one of the worst pet food brands on the market and should be avoided. Just bought a bag of ol’roy dry dog food 11 Sept 2015 sku#0538802287 had mold on food!!
Our puppy who was getting ready to turn a year old died after we gave him a ol’roy dog biscuit. Not For Dogs Only, LLC (NFDO) launched with a mission to set an example for pet owners; to show them dogs deserve healthy diets. NFDO gives us the opportunity to showcase how important it is to provide your dog with a healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, we ask for you to start to glance over the ingredients in your dog’s food.
While this site is intended to analyze recalls, the amount of inferior ingredients in this food makes it worth mentioning. You will save on vet bills, your dog won’t have itchy skin and you will feel better about feeding a member of your family a food that contains nutritional value. Ol’Roy has also received a large number of consumer complaints including ones that include pictures of moldy food and maggots. In a good food, you’ll see a quality meat like chicken, chicken meal, lamb, lamb meal, etc.
Also, your dog will feel better while enjoying eating their meal now packed with real flavor. There are companies that have poor food and issue frequent recalls but then there are companies that have complaints but choose not to issue recalls.

Gluten-free diets have proven effective for dogs with arthritis and muscle issues since the gluten builds up in the joints and causes them to be less fluid in their movements.
You will notice a significant change in your dog’s habits as you start to incorporate more natural foods into their diets. Look for foods that are high in protein and say whole chicken versus chicken byproducts for example.

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