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The box foundation is how my dogs are able to do utility signals from 60 feet away without moving forward. Puppies enjoy puzzles and games with dog to simulate their minds and satisfy their curiosity.
As for older dogs, they have less need for rigorous exercise and may even need your encouragement to start jogging.
Make sure your dog has gone through obedience training and knows how to heel (work beside you), sit, and stay. After exercising or playing games with dog, check his footpads for gravel, ice and other objects that can cause discomfort. Use a toy that is reserved for fetching exercise and start with having your dog sit next to you. Tug of war: This is an instinctual game that dogs love to play because it is what they do in the wild to split up food. Look out for dangers such as broken pavement, icy patches, broken glasses, rodent poison and food rubbish. Carry a stick to protect yourself and your dog if approached by unleashed dogs or wild animals. Positioned only a foot away from the box, I send my dog to the box and then ask for a sit once they get into the box, reward and release out.

The purpose behind the box is that it gives your dog clear parameters of how to do behavior s without mov- ing forward.
They have never learned that moving forward can be a part of the signal exercise; they have been taught correctly right from the beginning to stay put. She leads competition obedience seminars throughout the US and Canada and has produced two successful DVDs on obedience training.
I prefer using gutters over PVC piping because the gutters have more clarity for the dog as they do not lay flat on the ground, thus this gives your dog clear parameters. The behavior I want to reward is going into the box and not for the release, so keep the release calm. Once my puppy is in the box I throw them a treat so it is clear to them that I am rewarding them for being in the box. Then I will ask them to go in the box and do a stand, reward and release, and the same procedure again but this time asking for a down. Set your dog up for success by teaching this method in their early training, instead of attempting to fix moving for- ward on signals problem once it has become a habit.
The idea sprouted from agility trainers whom use a large round ball that their dogs learn to balance on.
For example, encourage your dog onto the pot, even if they just touch the pot, reward that to start.

Asking the dog to down from a sit will cause the dog to bring his front legs forward resulting in a forward creeping down. Once I get one foot on then I ask for two feet on, it is very important to always mark or click the correct behavior so that your dog understands exactly what he did right to get the treat.
Don’t rush your dog through these commands, I will ask for a sit, mark the behavior and reward, and then ask for the next behavior .
A few tricks you can also use the box for are spin, twist, wave, bye, sit pretty and so on, be creative and have fun! My dogs love running to their box as there has always been strong reinforcement for doing so. I don’t want to always be moving forward towards my dog for the reward, but I always want the reward to be given in the box. Most of all the dogs love to work on the pot and it is a way that you can integrate a fun game into your daily training.

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