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Leash Aggression, Fear on Walks, Rehabilitation Christina Shusterich saved our dog’s life. Resource Guarding, Rehabilitation “My wife and I adopted our beloved Maltese, Georgie, who soon began exhibiting some small signs of aggression.
Dominance Aggression, Obedience “MIRACLE WORKER! I adopted Poe, a 3? year old neutered Pit Bull mix.

Christina Shusterich Media Library - National & InternationalDog Behavior Resources and free instant help for YOU from treating separation anxiety to preparing dogs for babies to dog health!. For 17 years, I have devoted myself to preventing dogs from being given up and euthanized due to behavior problems that could have been successfully treated. With my proven Total Harmony Dog Transformation® System we can release you and your dog from the prison of a behavior problem no matter how many, severe, how long your dog has had it, how old your dog or how many methods you have tried previously that have failed you and your dog.

Our 1 year old lab was suffering from severe separation anxiety and we had wasted time and money going from trainer to trainer with minimal results that didn’t last and included confining her to a crate.

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