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For the neighbors of those breeders or homeowners who have numerous pets, there are other options when it comes to solving challenges caused by the animals. Although the option to limit pets was not a popular solution and taken off the proposal list for the time being, Conway City Councilman Irby Koon said the push for this new change is a result of a small number of people breeding dogs just for profit.
Attorney Scott Fisher says, "Oftentimes, dogs are left home alone and they're bored, and they just bark.
Fisher suggests talking with your neighbor to make sure they are even aware their dog is barking non-stop when they're away.

But Fisher says, if barking is the worst of your neighborhood dog problems, consider yourself lucky. Mary Bell of Mar Vista, California lives close to a vicious German shepherd that got loose and attacked her while she was walking her own dog. Attorney Scott Fisher says if you see a dog that exhibits a pattern of menacing behavior, even if that dog is contained on its owner's property, you should report it. If there is a menacing dog in your neighborhood, don't hesitate to report that animal to authorities.

When dogs have multiple "strikes" against them, their owners can be fined or, in some cases, have their animal seized and destroyed. And if your neighbor's dog barks non-stop, then you know all too well what a nuisance persistent barking can be.

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