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And if you've both had a bit of a fraught time potty training it can be a good idea to leave a few months for things to settle down again and for your pre-schooler to get really confident about their new life in pants.
If you think the time is right, and certainly if they are over three and a half, bring up the subject: have a low-key conversation about leaving off the nappies or pull-ups, and say you think they are old enough to go to the loo or use the potty at night. So a year after daytime potty training, at still under three years old, sounds pretty normal to me. If absolutely neither of those things happen, then you have your sign that she most likely just isn’t physiologically ready to night potty train. Not to freak out the OP but my son didn’t give up the nighttime diaper until he was almost 5.
I’m sure you can tell by the comments that there is no one way to do this since kids are so different in terms of developmental readiness for potty training. Hello Penny , your remarks were helpful to me, I assumed my four year old going on five was being lazy, we have gone cold turkey on her since she was 2 years old but at night it just doesn’t seem to work out.
Use disposable bedwetting diaper on your child during the nights you choose to begin the nighttime potty training process. If your child is really struggling with motivation when it comes to potty-training, you might consider a reinforcement schedule. Although girls tend to potty train quicker (and sometimes more-effectively) during the day, the boys definitely potty train quicker at night (and sometimes in this right, more effectively)[1].

If the child can't successfully complete potty-training at night (or is still having nighttime accidents during potty training) before they turn 7 or 8 years old, seek medical advice.
Always make her use the potty as close to bedtime as possible, and then strictly enforce the no-drinks policy after that, since it will give her the best chance at success. Yeah, there was definitely some aspect of his peeing upon waking just because he could, but there was also just plain old he wasn’t ready physiologically.
My youngest son potty-trained really early at 22 months but is just now able to make it through nap dry at 28 months. Even for nap time the accidents are rare, so I started to re potty train her by making her sit on the toilet, taking away things she liked, not giving her desert.For the successful nights I would have to get up at around 4 am every night to wake her up to stop the problem.
With the idea that some children have that toilet training at night is tougher to achieve, the child may overreact and have accidents, during the day.
If they're old enough and want to, they can take care of their bathroom needs by themselves at night, but also reassure them that you're available for help if they need it. You may feel safe enough to use regular underpants on your little ones, but sometimes nighttime training may cause daytime accidents for a few days. Say yes quickly and go for it while their enthusiasm lasts: getting your toddler or pre-schooler on board is the key to all potty training success.
If she has a consistent waking time, set your alarm for about 10 or 15 minutes before and wake her up and escort her to the potty, to help her break that going-after-waking habit.

We struggled for years to get him to sleep through the night, and that’s the priority for us. Potty training at night is a more complicated process for your child to achieve successfully. For a few days, during nighttime training prepare your child a few disposable potty-training pants for daytime use.
Use a pair of potty-training pants in the daytime, such as Pull-Ups or the store brand variety, if needed. My older son was potty trained and dry at naps by 2.5 but he was a little past 3 when he finally night-trained.
If you'd like, for the time being, you may end up putting them in (full-blown) diapers during the night while potty-training them during the day. The marketing has us all trained to think that all potty-training kids should wear pull-ups, when really, they serve a specific purpose for a specific segment of potty-training kids, and that’s it.

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