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Living in a pet-friendly neighborhood is great—that is, until your neighbor's dog starts barking.
If the problematic barking is coming from your dog, enact changes to reduce barking behavior. Get Tips and Advice on How You Can Make Your Dog a Happy Dog and Yourself a Happy Dog Owner. Obviously they can’t speak, so they communicate through their body language and barking. The dog could be barking to try to alert you of what she thinks is a danger entering the environment. Also, if your dog barks excessively for any of these reasons and you never take action to correct the problem, she might simply get used to the habit of barking and then bark excessively for no real reason at all. While the techniques in this article can be applied and should be helpful regardless of why your dog is barking, there are often easier ways to deal with the problem if you know the cause.
It might seem counter-intuitive, but if you want to be able to control your dog’s barking one of the best things you can do is teach her to bark on command. So while it can give you some power to limit how much your dog barks, it won’t actually stop her from barking in the first place.
I talked at the beginning of this article about how dogs bark because they get a reward out of it.
As I already said earlier, barking is natural and it’s actually good for your dog to be able to communicate vocally. If for some reason you do need to stop your dog from barking altogether, here’s how you can go about it. In order to extinguish the barking behavior altogether you have to remove all possible rewards for barking. You can effectively stop the barking by teaching your dog the behavior won’t lead to the reaction she wants. The exception here, of course, is if your dog has a barking habit which has become self-rewarding.
These are probably the most criticized type of collar because they work by administering a small electric shock to your dog every time she barks.
On top of that, the dog will learn pretty quickly that she is the cause of the shock every time she barks – that’s how the collar works.
Still, many owners simply find the idea of giving their dog electric shocks pretty repulsive, and that’s fair enough. I recommend trying training methods to control barking before you resort to using tools like collars.
A citronella collar emits a burst of citronella instead of an electric shock when the dog barks. One of the flaws with these collars is that not every dog dislikes the smell of citronella! At best they’re only a temporary solution, because even if at first your dog hates the smell of citronella, she will eventually get used to it. Collars that emit a high-pitched noise every time the dog barks work on the same principle as the other collars already explained here: they punish your dog every time she barks, and that leads to her barking less.
You might be thinking a collars sounds like a much easier and quicker option than the training exercises above, but before you rush out and buy one I need to give you a warning about using punishment to train your dog.
There’s another very powerful technique you can use to combat problem barking (and many other problem behaviors).
Many people are simply uninformed about dog training, so if you raise the problem to them and offer them solutions they will be willing to listen. First of all, get their phone number so you don’t have to keep going over to their house every time the barking dog disturbs you. It also means if the dog is aggressive you don’t have to worry about doing onto the property. It’s important that you stay calm and in control when you talk to your neighbor, because this will help in the event that you have to get legal authorities involved. In many parts of the world there are noise control laws restricting loud noises after certain times at night, so if the dog is constantly barking at night you can use that as a reason to get the authorities involved if it comes to that.

Of course, if you own attempts at barking training fail don’t be afraid to book some time with a professional trainer. Dog barking,puppy barking,dog training,puppy training, Learn control dog barking barking natural dog closing drapes muffle noise neighbors. Your Dog's FriendFree dog training resources, dog training classes, list of dog trainers maryland, free dog workshops, dog behavior issues, educating dog owners. This overview will help you understand why your dog acts aggressively toward people and what you can do about it.  Since it isn’t specific to your dog, however, you may want to consider working privately with one of the trainers on our referral list. When walking your dog, if you see someone ahead, cross the street, turn around, or wait behind a car. In your home, don’t bring your dog out when people are over.  You and your dog will both feel less anxious. Reduce your dog’s arousal level by not permitting fence fighting in your yard and preventing your dog from barking at people outside your home. Give your dog a safe place to go where he can relax, and let him stay there while there are people in your home. It can be very disappointing to bring home a new dog and find that the dog doesn’t like your spouse, housemate, or other person living in your home. You can also train your dog to run to his “safe place” for a Kong stuffed with his favorite foods. It is extraordinarily rewarding to see a people – reactive dog learn to tolerate, or even welcome, people.
Management accomplishes two things: It keeps your dog from practicing the behavior, and it helps your dog feel safe. If your dog has bitten someone or would bite if you didn’t prevent it, it’s time to see a professional.  Contact one of the positive trainers on our referral list. Your Dog’s Friend is a 501-c3 non-profit organization that educates and supports dog parents. When ordering dog toys, books, or anything else online, please keep in mind that Your Dog’s Friend is included in the Amazon Smile program.
Your Dog's Friend is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose goal is to help keep dogs out of shelters by educating and supporting their humans. In the state of Nevada, laws about barking dogs can help you restore the peace in your neighborhood. Find a calm and polite way to broach the issue with your neighbor—leaving a phone call or answering machine message may be easier than approaching your neighbor while their dog is barking. In Las Vegas, for example, Animal Control will send a letter to the dog's owner regarding the problematic barking.
Include your documented details of the dates, time and duration of excessive barking episodes. All you need to know is that your dog barks because there’s a reward for her to bark.
Because once she can bark on command, you can easily set up a situation where you can reward her for stopping barking or refraining from barking.
If your dog barks all the time for no apparent reason then this won’t be too difficult.
After you do this a few times you’ll be able to give the “Speak” command and your dog will bark on command. It gives you the ability to tell your dog to stop barking on command (although of course getting this 100% consistent can be very difficult). That said, once you teach the command and start using it regularly, you might find your dog starts to change her behavior on her own a little bit. Keep her distracted with the treats for a while, then stimulate the barking again and repeat the process. Still, once you teach this command it will become a valuable tool for keeping a barking dog under control. Assuming your dog sees you as the pack leader, she looks up to you and values your attention. All you have to do is stop giving attention when your dog barks, and eventually she will learn that that behavior doesn’t lead to a reward.

They think they can let their dog bark as much as they like, and you should mind your own business. And if you punish your dog for growling, your dog may go straight to biting without a clear warning sign. Make your walks fun – change speeds, go around obstacles, pivot in different directions – so that your dog is paying attention to you, instead of scanning his environment for danger. Save the yummiest food for this exercise, so your dog learns “scary person = steak” (or string cheese or turkey hotdogs or whatever else your dog loves).
The most difficult part of this exercise is having enough patience to avoid stressing your dog.
If he is reacting to something your child does, like picking up or falling on your dog, that’s one thing. Practice with a friend who rings the doorbell, while you quickly walk to your dog’s safe room or crate with treats to entice him. Even if your dog learns to be comfortable around your best friend, your best friend’s family may be more than your dog can handle.
Don’t think that because your dog’s behavior has improved, you can now walk right up to people.
Our monthly Adopters Workshop is a Q&A session open to anyone, even if you’ve had your dog for a long time. We believe that fewer dogs will be given up to shelters if we can help people understand what their dogs need and how their dogs learn. If you are new to Your Dog's Friend and would like to receive our newsletters, please click here. Tell your neighbor when, and how often, his dog is barking—explain that the barking is negatively affecting you. If the issue is not resolved, you can make a second complaint to Animal Control and an officer will make a visit to the dog owner's home. If mediation fails, you will need to find at least one other person in your neighborhood to corroborate your statement and complaint.
If you can't be at home with the dog during the day, consider using a daycare or dog-walking service so your dog is not alone throughout the day.
Otherwise, set up a situation where you know some kind of stimulus will cause your dog to start barking. So you’ll still get the annoyance factor of a barking dog, without really doing anything to address the underlying behavorial causes. Your dog is actually giving you important information that can help keep both your dog and other people safe.  He is telling you that he is too close to what is making him anxious – in this case, people.
If you know that people are coming over, put your dog in his crate or another room, before they arrive, with a Kong that has been stuffed and frozen with his favorite treats.
If your dog’s reaction is relatively mild, you can have your dog on a leash or tether at a safe distance.
If that person moves suddenly, leans over your dog, reaches over to pat his head, or looks him in the eye, your dog may bite to protect himself. If the dog is barking while the owner is out at work, for example, the owner may be unaware of the problem. In Las Vegas, a third complaint within a six-month period will result in a mediation case with Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center. Other counties and jurisdictions within Nevada have slightly different procedures regarding barking dog complaints. Keep giving your dog one tiny treat after another while your guest walks through the hall to another room.
Giving your dog something he likes at his designated spot will also help him think that your frequent visitors make good things happen. In your dog’s eyes, this visitor made treats happen and the treats stopped when the person went away.

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