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A dog that excessively barks can be extremely frustrating not only for you, but for roommates, neighbors and family.
Luckily, the barking usually has an underlying cause, typically another behavior problem, which can be treated with a little training and behavior modification. Beyond the reasons for all the barking, you should realize that there are many types of barks.
If you think your dog may be barking out of boredom, and there seems to be nothing stimulating him to bark, first rule out any medical problems. If the vet clears the dog, and he still continues to bark without any obvious stimulation, he may be barking out of boredom. These dogs should always be wearing a head collar on a walk so the handler can get control of the dog quickly.

To control this, the owner and everyone in the household must stop giving the dog what he wants when he barks.
As with any behavior problem, you should put into place a four-step treatment plan when dealing with excessive barking. If you address the other behavior problem, you may find that the barking will stop on its own. Some dogs bark when they are in pain, so have your vet check him out for common problems like ear infections, anal sac impaction and urinary tract infections.
If your dog is exhibiting boredom barking, you should walk or run him daily until he is panting heavily. If he starts demand barking for something like attention, to play fetch or to go on a walk, you and everyone who interacts with the dog must completely ignore him and maybe even turn away.

Dogs that demand things from their owner are typically dominant and have been shown that being dominant is okay. Even dogs that display other types of barking should be rewarded when they are calm and quiet.
Dogs respond very well to consistency; they are happier and calmer in an environment where the rules are consistent.

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