Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

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Getting a second dog as a companion for an anxious dog is a very tricky decision that must be well thought out.
Your heart will break every time you hear your baby start crying or howling once you’ve closed that door. If Fido is gnawing on things not safe for consumption only when you’re gone, he might be showing symptoms of separation anxiety. There are many different natural calming supplements for dogs available at any pet supply store. Practicing everything listed above with consistency coupled with some behavioral training will do wonders for your shelter dog! Unfortunately, it's much more common for anxious behavior to spread from the resident dog to the new dog than for confidence to flow in the opposite direction.
Jovie often chewed at the door in an attempt to escape before I understood that she needed help.

But often anxiety-sufferers will trace the same path, back and forth or in a circle, over and over, until you come home. If you suspect that Princess has some mild separation anxiety, you’ll want to counter-condition the way she perceives your absence. A healthy dog (even a little one) needs at least an hour of exercise and three walks per day.
The trick is to find the one that works best on your dog, so it might take a bit of trial and error.
Make sure she’s totally calm before you try another fake-out and increase their length by 30 seconds each time she successfully and calmly gets through an absence. This kind of anxiety can result in self-injury, so be sure to monitor Fido’s behavior for signs of trouble. But you can easily find them for dogs (and cats!) at your local vet’s office or pet-supply store or online.

These gentle products will naturally calm him down and can be a really helpful adjunct to all your other anti-anxiety efforts. Charlie and Frog have similar social skills and preferences, they're both tolerant of most dogs, but have large personal space bubbles and don't really like to play with other dogs. Imagine if you were passed from one guardian to another for years and then ended up in a loud, concrete kennel for weeks.

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