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Sadly it is this stereotyping that has lead to and continues to lead to the unnecessary deaths of innocent and loving Pit Bulls. It is believed that the Pit Bull’s ancestry dates back as far as the Roman times in 50 AD when they were used by the Romans as fighting dogs. Like most dog owners, the butchers were very proud of their canine companions and their stubborn tenacity in dealing with the much larger and potentially dangerous bulls.
A little known fact about the Pit Bull is that they were bred to not show any aggression towards humans.
Pit Bulls that are brought up in a normal and loving home environment are well balanced, faithful and often goofy companions. A Pit Bull is very strong, courageous and powerful dog that is also very compassionate and soft. Watch this beautiful tribute to Daddy who was Cesar Millan’s first Pit Bull and one of the greatest ambassadors for the Pit Bull breed of all time.

I hope that you continue to follow us during the month of October and share in our celebration of this wonderful and so sadly misunderstood breed.
What genuinely surprised me however was that the Golden Retriever, a breed portraid as a gentle willing sole and favoured by many families, scored lower than the Pit Bull Terrier which is commonly feared and shunned to the point of being banned in certain regions and states around the world. As a result, their attention turned to a variety of other pursuits such as ratting – a practice in which a dog was thrown in a pit with a varying number of rats in a race to kill the most rats in the shortest time period. Known for their intelligence and intense loyalty Pit Bull Terriers make excellent, loving and protective companions despite the unfair press they receive worldwide. A Pit Bull is social, fearless and always up for a challenge which makes it a great dog for training and sports.
We have taken the liberty of declaring October “National Pit Bull Month”, during which we will be publishing various stories and facts related to Pit Bulls in an attempt to provide a better understanding of this highly misunderstood breed. There aren’t many people who are prepared to adopt rescued Pit Bulls let alone one that is insulin dependent.

Perhaps she had been attacked and bullied by other male Pit Bulls at the place she had been rescued from. Baiting originated from the butchers who kept dogs to handle unruly bulls as they were herded to the market for slaughter. Their popularity was further increased by the misguided perception that prolonged torture of the bulls ensured the tenderness of the meat. When a bull stepped out of line or exhibited uncontrollable behaviour, the dogs would clamp down on its nose and simply hang on until the bull was immobilised.
Pit fighting is apparently big business in that region where males are typically used for fighting and females for breeding, so this theory may very well be true.

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