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The Quick Release Martingale Collar is a popular design for those who want the control of a Martingale Collar while utilizing the convenience of a buckle.
Fox Valley Dog Collars & Roka Pet Wear products are hand-made right here in Appleton, Wisconsin. Side Release collars are typical quick-release flat collars that are common in almost any commercial pet supply department. Martingale collars (also called limited-slip collars) are great for dogs who "back out" of their collars, or dogs who have large necks compared to their heads. Quick-Release Martingale collars combine the benefits of a martingale with the ease-of-use of a side release. Half-Check Martingales are similar to Martingale collars, but have a chain loop instead of a nylon loop.

If your pet becomes separated from you - so long as it has a CollarTag™ on its collar - you can be confident the finder will be able to contact you. The reflective material used on my collars is authentic Scotchlite 3M - the very same material used on construction-workers' and firefighters' uniforms! A place for posts that will help people to find a nice dog to adopt, and help nice dogs in need to find a home. Copyright: All posts and images on this site are protected by copyright, and may not be reproduced or distributed in any way without permission. This forum is for breeders and concerned owners alike to share information with each other. In time the ring or hook used to attach them to the pet's collar will wear out and the tag will fall off; or the friction of the tag rubbing against other tags on the pet's collar will wear away the tag text.

Even if you use a traditional hanging tag to ID your pet I urge you to ALSO consider getting a CollarTag to back up the the hanging tag. Only with a CollarTag can you be certain there will be a secure and readable identification tag on your pet should it ever become separated from you. Bottom line: Having a CollarTag on your pet's collar assures you the finder of your lost pet will be able to contact you.

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