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An optional swivel is available to convert your carabiner dog leash into our Ultimate Dog Leash.For those preferring our 316 marine grade stainless steel clip with swivel, you will find this option available in the drop down menu below. Different colored climbing rope is available.Both the leash and coupler are built with CE rated climbing rope, compact black locking carabiner, CNC machined nanoSwivel with stainless steel axle and sealed bearings. Our choice of stainless steel clips offer more strength and corrosion resistance over similar styled and weaker cast metal clips found on pet store leashes.We offer some of the best made climbing rope and carabiner dog leashes in the USA.

The stainless steel clips we use are superior to  those of similar style seen on most dog leads.The quality of materials, method of assembly and attention to details ensures that your custom leash will last for years. We want to help answer any questions you may have regarding our custom climbing rope dog leashes or services. To the original owner we fully guarantee the workmanship and materials of our custom dog leashes so long as they are subjected to fair use.

That's backed up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and awesome customer service.Knock Offs, Fakes and CopiesThere are knock offs, fakes and copies of our custom climbing rope dog leashes for sale online.

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